June 4, 2011

Rowan is 8 Weeks Old

Rowan is now eight weeks old (I know... it's all passed quite quickly!), and making leaps and bounds in discovering the big wide world. The latest discovery has been his hands, and he has been attempting to smoosh his fingers (and fist!) into his mouth at any given occasion. He's also using this as a signal for wanting to feed, so it's keeping me on my toes, as if I don't catch this cue it often escalates into full-on screeching.

Actually, screeching is kind of inaccurate, it's more like a yell. He surprises those he meets with his big, deep cries - which is disproportionate to his petite frame. Rowan is a very long baby, and is longer than many of the babies in our Mother's Group... including those who are 12 and 13 weeks old. We think Rowan is going to be one tall child as he gets older....!

Rowan's smiles light up our world, he especially likes eye contact during nappy change times. He starts with a little, close-mouthed lopsided smile, which becomes a huge grin - a true 'D' face (and nearly an 'O' fac as he wildly contorts his face in extreme excitement.

People are starting to weigh in on who Rowan looks like. He resembles my baby pictures quite a bit, with a similar eye shape and lips to me. He also may have my unruly curly/wavy hair, as he has a few long strands on top of his head that are refusing to co-operate! Secretly I'd be thrilled by this, as I envisioned a little boy with wavy hair when I was pregnant with him. Rowan appears to have hubby's wide nostrils and hairline. It will be interesting to see how his physical appearance changes in the coming months.

He had his two-month immunisations during the week, which broke my heart to see him cry out in pain and surprise as the injections went in (my eyes welled up a little too). He was cranky and a bit drowsy for two days, but came good afterwards. I was on fever-watch for the first 24 hours, but thankfully his temperature remained normal.

After getting clearance from my obstetrician at six weeks, I've started getting back into soem gentle fitness. Just walking at the moment, but tackling hills and steep paths as my legs and ankles remember how to work again (with the IVF and pregnancy, it had essentially been a year since I'd been active). It feels good, despite knowing that the weather is cooling and the winds getting chillier. I've been carrying Rowan in the Babyhawk (a mei-tei carrier) while walking, which gives me my arms free, and keeps him warm and anuggly against my body too.

Breastfeeding continues to alternate between being easy and being a struggle. Rowan has successfully weaned off the nipple shield (which I'd been wearing on my left side during feeds since he was four days old) and with his rooting reflex gone, he's had to work harder to draw in either nipple when feeding. The right side has always been his preference, so we've been working strongly to get him feeding as confidently on the left side. I've had a few visits to the lacatation consultant, bared my chest to maternal health nurses, numerous nights in tears as Rowan detaches and I find bloody tissue where the end of my nipple is. It's still healing, but we're finally getting there... or so I think (I'm alternating between expressing milk for him and offering him that side - it can't cope with the 2-3 hourly feeds just yet, especially with such a strong suck!). Hopefully when I write next I can say that these troubles are behind us. :)

Here are a few pictures of the little man (who is quickly losing his 'newbornness')

Tummy time at five weeks old

Rowan and I at six weeks, in a jumpsuit that I didn't think would fit him for at least another month!

Seven weeks old

Seven weeks old

Seven weeks old and watching on as hubby codes his sister's business website.

Smiles at eight weeks

Gorgeous long eyelashes in profile. <3