Pregnancy with Rowan

We found out that our IVF cycle was successful on July 31st, 2010, through the use of a home pregnancy test (oops... didn't wait until the blood test :P).

As far as pregnancies went, I was pretty lucky - minimal morning sickness and no abnormal food cravings (mainly just dairy, protein and sweet foods at varying stages). As I am quite tall and my body contained everything compactly, by 28 weeks in my OB was concerned about the baby's growth and I had extra growth scans... but as it turned out, he was just a petite baby with long legs like his parents!

Here are Rowan's ultrasound pictures:

First picture, the embryo that became Rowan after the transfer at 5 days.

Embryo at 7 weeks... we saw and heard a heartbeat, this was amazing! (I cried)

12 weeks - a teeny tiny, perfectly formed baby.

13 weeks on the 4D ultrasound, cord over the shoulder, pretty amazing stuff.

20 weeks... it's a BOY!

28 week profile

28 weeks in 4D, looks at those luscious lips. ;)

34 week growth scan

I find that I get a lot of clicks into my blog through my pregnancy progression post, which contains this picture:

I didn't really get super-huge with pregnancy until the last few weeks, and even then I was still measuring small

36 weeks, when Rowan dropped

Last belly picture at 39 weeks

I went into labour at 39 weeks & 2 days, with little pre-labour signs in the days before. As Rowan was posterior, I felt every contraction in my back up until he turned a couple of hours before he was born (30 hours of back labour isn't fun, I can assure you!). We laboured naturally in the birthing suite of a low-intervention small hospital, supported by midwives, which was a really positive experience and completely put me at ease about future births - presuming I'm lucky enough to become pregnant again.

Rowan Kenneth Christopher W. was born at 11.23am on April 7th 2011, weighing 3100g (7lb 2oz) and measured 51cm (20") in length. Our gorgeous, firstborn son. :)