February 23, 2013

Rowan at 22 Months Old

Typing "22 months" suddenly seems like a huge number (maybe it's all those 2s?), as if to say that Rowan's second year of life is rapidly coming to an end and soon he'll be in his THIRD year! Holy cow! :O

I'll be continuing these monthly developmental-type entries up until he turns 24 months (these entries form his second year scrapbook, and are really a record-keeping device for me, much like this blog was during my pregnancy). After that, I'm not sure what? I most likely won't be pregnant for a bit -- I fear that this blog has become a little too public for my liking, as I've shared its URL with family and friends during the course of pregnancy and Rowan's infant months, and am not sure who reads. Do I want friends and family to know of our next IVF journey if/when the time comes? (it would be so nice to have the opportunity to be private and secretive) I express myself through words (okay... and pictures) and always have, as a blogger for over 12 years it's just in my blood now, I can't imagine not leaving a legacy online.

Anyway... this blog is evolving again and who knows what this will become. Now onwards and upwards to Rowan's 22 month entry!

It has been a big month in terms of Rowan's language development. He has been exploring the concepts of "come" (ie, "Mummy come", "Rowie come Dada") and "in" ("in da car", "in da road", "in Rowie bed").We're hearing some pretty long sentences too, as Rowan learns more about using syntax correctly; a recent one was "Rowie door walk see Dada" (he wanted to go out the front door and walk outside to wait for Matt to come home from work). Another recent one was "Uh oh. Rowie flick yoghurt. Mummy clean up", which pretty much blew everything else out of the water.

With an explosion in language comes adult slip-ups, more than once we've said something inappropriate and Rowan's tried to imitate it and repeat it on occasion...oops!

Rowan's pretend play is coming along a bit too, he's beginning to use objects and toys for different purposes (such as sitting a giraffe on a ride-on toy and pushing it around), anything with buttons becomes a phone and a favourite game at the moment is pretending to talk to various family members on these 'phones'. Rowan will make eating sounds while pretending to eat his felt foods, and feeds them to us too! Anything involving throwing/kicking balls is always a winner too.

"Rowie sore foot" :(

This month Rowan had his first proper injury, he fell off our pedal bin onto the tiled kitchen floor and twisted/sprained his ankle. We ended up taking him to the doctor because he wasn't weight-bearing on it the day after the accident happened. It was strapped up for a couple of days while the swelling went down and it helped Rowan feel confident about walking on that foot again (he called that bandage a "sock"). Just thankful that he didn't do more damage, really!

Ready for his first day in the toddler room at childcare
Rowan started attending childcare two days per week this month (up from one day) and so far so good. He has transitioned into the toddler room and apparently he sleeps there... on a stretcher-type bed, and not a cot! How the carers manage to get him to do that is beyond me, but admittedly Rowan has been getting himself to sleep better these past couple of months - in fact, it's rare that he wakes during the night anymore, except for the occasional bad dream or if he is unwell or teething. Fingers crossed that this continues, as it's making for a better night's sleep for us all.

Happy as a pig in mud, dirt/sand/food face on a park playdate.
Rowan and I at the zoo earlier this month (I didn't realise how many
doors there were at the zoo until we took a toddler there...!)
Helping me bake cake. I gave Rowan the option of apple or chocolate, and he surprised me
by choosing apple)

Doing a dance for us!
Be still, my heart.