September 28, 2012

Rowan at 1 Month vs 17 Months

Rowan is going through a stroppy phase at the moment... I think that's officially what toddlerdom is all about, just quietly! ;)

Anyway, in the middle of a food-related tantrum he lay down on the loungeroom floor so being the snap-happy parent I am, I had to take a picture. All of a sudden I was reminded of him at a month old lying in a similar position. 

I thought to place the pictures side by side for a direct comparison and well... here you go!

Aww, to think he was once that small. ;)

September 6, 2012

Playground Video

Just a quick post today of Rowan surprising me with his climbing and sliding abilities at an indoor playcentre today (really quite fun!). He'll be 17 months tomorrow. :)

September 2, 2012


It has surprised me on how much the idea of having another baby is growing on me. Usually the 'baby-fever' pangs move on quite quickly (usually about the time there's a toddler tantrum or near-sleepless night...!) but this is sticking around.

Holy cow, does this mean mentally I'm getting ready for this?!

In the world of toddlers, I'm having so much fun with Rowan's "conversations" (usually occurring while we're quietly sitting together after a breastfeed; he tells me something and waits for me to confirm it by repeating the word/phrase before moving onto the next thing). This afternoon's conversation was "Igglepiggle, Pontipines, lovely strawberry". That won't mean much to most (any?) of you reading this, but Rowan was telling me about his favourite TV show, In the Night Garden and he had just eaten strawberries. The word "lovely" is reserved for only the best things in life (namely breastmilk, occasionally other foods). Toddler-speak rocks my world, it's amazing to see them making connections with the world around them. :)