January 29, 2011

29 Weeks

This week, Operation Baby Nook really stepped up a notch - hubby and I painted the walls today (a very similar green colour to the background of this blog, actually!), and I discovered that his old t-shirts are really quite comfortable indeed! Pictures to come once the furniture (being delivered on Thursday) is set up. :)

However, in the lead-up to painting, this involved clearing the entire contents of our bookshelves - we have a lot of books, and the stacks are currently living in our loungeroom, pushed up against the kitchen bench. Still, a little short-term mess for a whole lot of gain, that's what we're both trying to think!

Personally, I think the stacks look bigger in real life than in this picture.

Baby has been keeping me a little uncomfortable recently with plenty of Braxton Hicks contractions, backache and calf cramps (ouch!). My whole tummy is very firm lately, as the skin and muscles are stretched to capacity (and somehow, I'm able to stretch some more!).

At our most recent doctor's appointment we discovered that he has turned breech again. Considering he's measuring a little ahead (his legs are in the 75th percentile, for example!) surely he's running out of room to turn head-down in time? It's making me a little anxious, to be  honest, as if he stays breech it may jeopardise my chances for a natural birth. Still, there's anywhere from 10-13 weeks to go, so I'm just trying to remain calm, encouraging him to turn by adopting certain positions when I'm sitting and (attempting to) go with the flow. After all, if there's something I've learnt about about pregnancy during these past seven months, it's to expect the unexpected... it's impossible to control everything!

In other news, it's been fun to enjoy nights out with friends lately (even if my stamina isn't quite what it used to be), some days it seems as though I have an abundance of energy whereas other times it's as though first trimester lethagy is rearing its head again - it's a matter of taking each day at a time. This time of the year is usually a time of celebration and parties and lazy Summer BBQs, it makes me wonder what life will be like this time next year, seeing as though most of my friends are currently childless. I'd like to hope that I'm having a full and rich life, with the added bonus of love for a baby who will be rapidly approaching a year old by that point.

My best friend (left) and I. I've also needed to make the leap into buying some maternity tops this month, as a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothing is too small now.

January 23, 2011

28 Weeks (ultrasound pictures)

Welcome to the third trimester! I did it, we're finally here....yippee! :D

This week we had the pleasure of seeing our gorgeous baby boy again, in a medically-ordered scan (our OB likes his IVF patients to have a 28-week scan as part of pregnancy care; he said it's to make sure that everything is continuing to go on track, as IVF babies can sometimes come earlier than naturally-conceived babies).

However, all looks to be well! Placenta is perfect, baby is weighing in at 1260g (2.5lb) and if he continues to follow the growth curve observed at our 21-week scan and this one, he'll be about 8.5lb at birth. Of course, this is only a guestimate but it's nice to know that he won't likely be an 11lb'er! ;)

Here are a couple of pictures of the little man (who has put on some gorgeous chubby baby fat in the last seven weeks). Go here to see pictures from our previous scans.
I love his profile

Snuggling against the placenta, umbilical cord over his shoulder

Beautiful sleepy face (hubby and I agree that he has my nose!)

January 22, 2011

27 Weeks

Operation Baby Nook is well under way, with hubby and I purchasing our nursery furniture on the weekend. We're waiting on it being delivered until we've painted the walls (a work in progress!). The important purchase of the carseat happened this week, as well as a collection of clothing (at a recent sale) that will have our little man clothing until next Summer by the look of it!

All purchased from Mothercare, but without the wardrobe pictured on the left (we got the tallboy to the right instead, as well as a wooden drawer that fits under the cot.
As I mentioned in last week's journal entry, we're going with a warm green for the walls, with some of the colour swatches considered below.

The chosen colour is 'Celery Green' and is the bottom colour on the top-right swatch.
(hubby paints a sample on one of the walls)

My tummy is beginning to get quite firm, and I've noticed that after a big meal it feels as though my stomach is pressing right up against my sternum - rather painful at times! So I've learnt the hard way about eating smaller meals, and am trying to make snacking times count more than empty kilojoules (not that I'm concerned about weight gain; I was underweight pre-pregnancy). When I lay down, you can see quite the pronounced little lump now that is my uterus!
(it's always a lot bigger when I stand up, obviously!)

January 9, 2011

26 Weeks

My ravenous first trimester hunger has come back this week, which leads me to think that the little man is in a weight-gain phase at the moment! Protein, carb, sugar, milk... all being craved simultaneously - it's enough to do any pregnant woman's head in! Still, trying to consume healthier options (ie, homecooked chicken vs fast food, or my own baked goods vs those in shops). I was making a banana loaf during the week and for some reason even bit off a chunk - I don't even like bananas normally!

Comfort-wise, I've developed a few niggly pains recently, mainly in my middle back and hips. There were a couple of days where getting around was rather difficult, but my Mum has been making some helpful suggestions such as putting a pillow under my bump and/or between my legs while sleeping to take the strain off my body (which I think is part of the problem). I think I need to get a bit more active too, now that I'm on holidays from teaching at the moment.

Random tumy-tightening has been steadily increasing too (since about week 24?), my doctor seems to think it might be Braxton Hicks (practice contractions) since they're mainly uncomfortable - not painful - and last for short intervals (~30sec). At times it's enough to have me rubbing my tummy to ease them though.

And we won't mention the kicking that baby's doing on the scars from my laparoscopy a couple of years ago... ouch!

Yes, it's all rather pleasant down in this neck of the woods at the moment. ;)

Though in more positive news, the baby 'nook' (as opposed to a whole room) is beginning to get underway, with boxes under the spare room bed being cleared out in preparation for bed disassembling (!) and wall painting. Very exciting! We've picked out a cot, changetable/drawer unit and small wardrobe, so it's a matter of preparing some parts of the room before we can purchase the furniture. Hopefully it all comes together in the next 4-6 weeks, as I have the urge to be prepared sooner rather than later. :)

And to finish off, a tummy picture taken this week:

26 weeks

January 4, 2011

Letter to a Little One [24-25wks]

Dearest Little One,

It has been an eventful two weeks in both of our lives! You have been gaining body fat (weighing around 750g), testing your newly developed nerve endings in your fingers - your eyes may have even opened already after being fused shut for months (but it's okay if you still prefer the dark).

And as for your mother? She's been on the end of your increasingly-powerful kicks - especially to the scars from previous laparoscopic surgery (the sharpness of these sensations make me visibly wince). Your feet are apparently about 5cm (2") long now, and if you're anything like either of your parents they are probably already on the larger side!

You had your second-ever plane trip over Christmas, and when I put one of my earbud headphones on my tummy during the flight you would squirm around... I'm not sure whether that means you like my taste in music or not! In fact, you spend most of the day in active mode - you're definitely like me and like to be busy (we're going to have so much fun once you're here!).

Christmas was lots of fun, you received plenty of attention from your grandparents (Dad's parents) and family, and were even given an early baby shower - you were spoilt with teeny-tiny gifts, soft toys, nappies and even a couple of sippy cups. I ate quite a lot of food, but since you're taking up a lot of space in my body these days, it takes longer to digest it all. Needless to say I spent most of the day with a swollen-looking, firm tummy and a squirmy you struggling to make room! I'm now learnt that I need to pace myself and eat smaller meals (and avoid tomatoes, as they're giving your Mum heartburn).

Your Dad and I took a two-night trip away while in Tasmania for Christmas to Bruny Island - it was gorgeous!

I was excited about receiving a gift for you from some friends at your baby shower.

Everybody who was at the shower decorated a singlet each for you - you'll be the best-dressed boy in town soon!

Your Auntie Marisa (who is your Mum's best friend) celebrated her 30th birthday on New Year's Eve, and it was a good test to see how we both dealt with 40C Summer heat... thankfully it wasn't too bad, but I was quite tired. You very much liked the chocolate birthday cake, and were wriggling around for hours after I ate it (in fact, you seem to love sugary foods - again, taking after me!). Seconds into the new year, your Dad and I looked at each other, amazed that this very year you will be born... and how both of our lives will change!

You're 25 weeks in this picture (taken on NYE).

The chocolate cake that you liked so much.

Braxton Hicks (practice contractions) may have begun, they make my tummy go hard underneath the belly button and it feels a little uncomfortable. Fortunately they only last for 30 seconds or so - there's no reason to be scared, it's just my body practicing getting ready for your birth in April.

Looking forward to seeing you on the ultrasound screen in 2.5 weeks, until then keep squirming and growing and being the best manatee you can be!

Love you. :)