February 25, 2011

Thinking Outside the Square [33 weeks]

33 weeks (excuse the lack of modesty)

This picture is proof for myself that I am not in fact carrying a square baby (ie, all camped out on one side), and that my tummy actually looks round occasionally.

My fundal height is only measuring 29 weeks, the doctor reported yesterday and I'm being sent for an extra scan on Tuesday to have the baby's growth monitored (as well as fluid levels and placenta function). However, I do have a very long waist and I'm not being kicked up in the ribs much yet - mainly because baby's bottom is facing the ribs, and legs are diagonally out to the left side - rather painful at times as he stretches!

So trying to think positively and that everything will be okay come Tuesday. It's all I can do, right?

February 23, 2011

What's in a Name? [32 weeks]

Matt and I had a long overdue chat about baby names last night on the way to antenatal class, and it appears that we have reached a stalemate – he’s stuck on one particular name, and I’m stuck on another. It isn’t a matter of simply using one of the choices as a first name and one for a middle name, as we’ve been long decided on middle names (yes, two names – one honouring each side of the families; he will be… on second thoughts, perhaps I’ll just wait another 7-9 weeks on that one!)

So what does one do when you’re (politely) clashing over such a thing as naming your firstborn? One of us will have to compromise, and we each think the other’s chosen name sounds “pretentious and private school-like”. Mine is apparently effeminate (it’s a unisex name) and his sounds like a Nordic viking. Definitely doesn’t pass the yell-it-out-in-a-crowded-playground-with-a-straight-face test. On the upside, neither name is popular, and I haven’t taught a child with those names (although a past student’s little brother was called the name I’m stuck on, reading a novel earlier this year reminded me of how much I still liked it).

We both admitted to each other that we’re worried about making the wrong choice for this little one, saddling him with a name that’s a lot to live up to, or be the subject of ridicule (does every parent-to-be go through this?). We know that he’ll grow into whatever we decide on, and that within a short time it’ll be difficult to imagine him as anyone except who he is.


I’m torn – do I compromise on something as special as naming rights because this is my husband’s firstborn son?

Do I pull the selfish I-went-through-infertility-and-IVF-and-carried-this-baby-for-nine-months card and refuse to waver?

Is it a matter of putting both names we love to the side and try to concentrate on finding middle ground with a new name? (for the record, this is the fourth name I’ve been stuck on in the past couple of years, and all have been crucified okay, too strong a word – shot down – for various reasons; no more selfish than my own reasoning).

This name debate is beginning to cause me quite a bit of stress, and I have assured Matt that if it isn’t resolved by the time I go into labour, then I will be naming him my choice. He admits that he “doesn’t hate the name as much” as he used to (gee… that’s positive!), but he likes his choice more. Fair and understandable.

Maybe we’ll have to do an ad-hoc Hollywood celebrity job and combine the two names in a hideous mismatch a-la “TomKat”. At least it’ll sound sci-fi then. ;)

On the plus side, he does have a near-finished baby nook now. :)

32 week tummy.

February 13, 2011

Baby Nook Update

The cot's assembled! Now to add some of the decorations. ;)

(let's just ignore the other end of said room!)

February 10, 2011

31 Weeks

Baby's got the beginnings of a room!

Matt working on the changetable last night.

Operation Baby Nook is continuing to progress, with the walls completed and furniture in the process of being put together. By this time next week, the cot will be in and possibly even the Mario-themed decals will be adorning the walls! Then it will be time to start putting clothing, nappies, blankets (etc) away and pack my hospital bag.

Speaking of which, we have started antenatal classes - which has led me to feel both apprehensive (pain management in labour, and when will my labour begin?) and relieved at the same time (feeling informed and having my silly questions answered). Truth be told, I wasn't sure at first if they were a really good idea, but considering this is our first baby a lot of the information has been useful - even if some of it is just to listen to, rather than take on board.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and was thrilled to discover that the little man has decided to turn head-down again (in fact, he's quite low - though I was reassured that this has no bearing on preterm labour etc (phew). For the first time, I hadn't gained any scale weight (hurrah! :D), and would like to attribute that to being back at work and eating a bit healthier - but who knows really, it might have been a fluke too.

My back has been acting up something terrible during the past two weeks, and I'm beginning to realise that I have limitations now (who'd have thought I'd be frustrated because I couldn't cope with things like vacuuming??), and that I don't have to be superwoman and can lean on others a little for support - possibly literally at times too! Just taking each day at a time and knowing there will be good days and not-so-good days, and making the most of the good ones.

And in the meantime, working on my pregnancy scrapbook, enjoying the fact that I've only got 2.5 weeks left until maternity leave begins (good timing!) and feeling a squirmy baby poking his feet out at odd angles from my body!

February 3, 2011

30 Weeks

30 week belly picture.

Saying "I'm 30 weeks pregnant" makes it all seem so close now, as if I'll magically open my eyes at some point soon and discover that I have a newborn son. The reality is that yes, that will happen, but not before living the next two months of my/our lives.

It'd be an understatement if I said the last week has been easy. I'm back at work and with that means job-sharing with my replacement for maternity leave (she's lovely, but I think I'm going to have to bite my tongue because of our differences in philosophies and/or workloads). However, this will only be for the month of February and I know I can do this - I've always been a 'I like to be in control' type of personality.

Physically, the hot weather has taken a lot out of me (it's the middle of the Australian Summer) and I'm finding myself tired, nursing cankles (!!), finding new stretchmarks and hobbling about with a sore back due to over-extending myself recently. But it's not all doom and gloom, I'm incredibly thankful to actually be pregnant and on the home stretch... I'm also looking forward to some of the things I've missed since July of 2010:

* Eating ice-cream sundaes from McDonalds
* Enjoying sushi
* Climbing stairs without puffing
* Bending down without looking like a frog
* Sleeping comfortably
* Laying on my stomach
* Fitting into some of my old clothing

Having said that, there is lots that I'll miss about pregnancy too once it is over:

* Breasts (enough said!)
* Feeling baby movement in my tummy
* Observing the physical changes that seem to occur almost weekly
* Getting to put my feet up
* Being able to forget about infertility somewhat