June 19, 2012

This Month in Scrapbooking

I've been digiscrapping like a machine lately, working on Rowan's 1st year book (nearly done!), my pregnancy album (11 pages to go!) and miscellaneous pages in our 2012 family book. I've also recently been asked to be a part of Scrapping With Liz's summer CT (creative team), which I'm thrilled about (I've had a secret crush on Liz's template designs for over a year now, and hers were the first templates I started using when I was getting into digiscrapping more seriously).

Here is a selection of my recent work, clicking the images will take you to a larger one. My main galleries are at ScrapOrchard and Zig Zag Scrap, where you can see these layouts and more!

June 12, 2012

Our Instagram Week

Can you tell that it was a bit cold and wet? Lots of cuddling up in pyjamas, warm Wintery foods and even a trip to an urban farm - made for lots of fun over the Queen's Birthday long weekend. :)

Bonus photos from our farm visit:

June 10, 2012

14 Months Old

Rowan is now 14 months old and the past month has seen an explosion in his comprehension and language, as well as his developing sense of humour (ie, doing things differently on purpose and laughing afterwards, like wearing a placemat as a hat).

For my own records, here is what Rowan has been up to developmentally in the past month:

* Tries to climb everything!

* Does a lot of imitating the sounds that other people make (both words and noises)

* Is learning to differentiate (ie, not everything served on a white sideplate is cake, although he's ever-hopeful)

* Makes hand signs to ask for songs: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, If You're Happy & You Know It, Pat-A-Cake, Incy Wincy Spider

* Knows how to unlock my iPhone

* Has definitely dropped down to one nap during the day, and will regularly go 4-5 hours in the morning before getting tired for a nap

* Gets excited about helping with home routines (ie, washing clothes, hanging clothing up, brushing teeth/hair, putting on shoes and socks)

* New words this month: App (as in a phone application!), cake, teeth, up, Mummy, key, milk ("mi") and Bunny ("buh")

Busted playing with the bookshelf!

Clapping hands to a song

We recently put a big-boy doona (what we call a duvet in Australia) in Rowan's cot for Winter, he's testing the softness here. ;)

A friend of mine took our picture at a farm during May.

June 3, 2012

Life in an Instagram

I wrote a long blog post today but accidentally deleted it (oops!), so you get the short and sweet version: I'll be returning to work as a teacher on July 16th (start of Term 3 here in Australia), and Rowan will be starting childcare one day per week. I feel more than a little guilt about this, as for some reason I never thought that my own child(ren) would be accessing childcare. Hopefully this part sits better with me as time passes. I don't know if I'm ready to hand over an entire day with Rowan to someone else yet?

I guess that this is a small taste of what some parents must feel leaving their eldest child with me at the beginning of the Kindergarten year? Wow, talk about humbling... :/

I've been doing weekly Instagram posts on my personal blog for a while now and thought I'd share the last three weeks worth of adventures here too:

May 14-20

May 21-27

May 28 - June 3