May 15, 2012

Everything Becomes a Teether

... when molars are coming in. My poor kitchen utensils will never quite recover. ;)

Rowan goes to them at will and takes out what he needs. It's kind of endearing, yet I feel sorry for him too. Still, two molars down and two to go from this set! (he currently has 10 teeth in total)

May 4, 2012

An Afternoon at the Park

We live in an apartment with a large balcony, but it's no substitute for grass. Thankfully, there's a large oval and playground down the street - which I've been starting to take Rowan to recently. When we bought this place back in 2009, we smiled about taking our children for a walk or run to the oval one day.

And now... well, it's a reality:

Something tells me that with the cooler weather upon us, afternoons at the park are going to become more and more commonplace! :)