April 12, 2011

Due Date

Today is my due date... however I am not sitting here pregnant, I am now the proud mother of a son.

Rowan Kenneth Christopher Webb was born on April 7th at 11.23am (7lb 2oz, or 3225g; 51cm) after labouring for close to 36 hours. He is on the smaller side and we're both genuinely surprised - although it seems as though he followed a similar growth curve to me (I was born at 38 weeks and weighed 6lb 13oz; Rowan was born at 39 weeks and 2 days). The first day was spent labouring at home, and the last eleven hours at the hospital. I'm happy to say that Rowan was born as a result of a natural, drug-free birth, and we arrived home on Monday.

Now it is a matter of getting into a new routine, a new kind of normal. Motherhood is both exhausting and exciting (there are triumphs and challenges), and in a way it seems that after the years of infertility I'll suddenly wake up to find that this has all been just a dream! But it's not, I snuggle our little boy and know that it has all been worth it.

Welcome to the world, Rowan. We're glad that you're here earthside. :)

For more pictures, see his gallery.

Rowan's first picture, only minutes old.
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Preparing to be weighed and measured.

Family picture, about 2hrs after the birth.

Rowan's manatee plushie, and a brilliantly awesome card from his Auntie Marisa.

Father and son time. <3

Rowan rocks turquoise for the first time.


Sweet dreams at 6 days old.


  1. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok now that I got that out of my system I don't know where to start! When I read the first line I started tearing up immediately...

    First of all he is beautiful!!! And you look incredible...I can't believe how great you look immediately after giving birth...especially after 36 hours of labour!! My hats off to you for going totally natural...I'm still not sure I will be able to do it...we'll see when the time comes.

    I love the name Rowan Christopher...believe it or not Rowan was on my list of potential boy names (as was Roman which is pretty close)!

    I checked out the whole album...LOVE the baby feet shot...I just want to tickle those little toes!

    I won't ramble on any more since I know you're a busy mama...but I just want you to know how incredibly happy I am for you and your hubby...it's unbelievable to have read your whole pregnancy journey. If I could reach through the screen I'd give you a BIG hug! I hope you are adjusting well and that you're balancing baby time with rest-for-mommy time too. Best wishes and hopefully you'll find time to pop in every once in a blue moon with updates xoxo

  2. congrats!!! He is simply GORGEOUS!!!