September 7, 2011

5 Months Old

At five months old, you are:
* Rolling onto your tummy, shuffling your bottom in the air and getting up on one knee before becoming frustrated – you don’t have the concept of using your arms yet, when you do we suspect that crawling won’t be far off...!
* Playing on larger blankets on the floor because you were getting tangled in and collapsing your playmat. You’re also chaining rolls and have figured out how to roll tummy to back.
* Laughing (finally!). Daddy coaxes the big belly laughs out of you, usually after bath time
* Having your first tastes of water and rice cereal, you seem to devour anything that is put in front of you!
* You have made the transition from three naps down to two naps during the day – going from 3 x 1hr naps to 2 x 2hr ones. Mummy is appreciating the extra blocks of time very much!
* Starting to copy the shape our mouths make, in particular open mouths in the shape of an O, raspberries and lip-smacking sounds
* Escaping your swaddle when you wake after sleep
* Waking more in the night for feeds than you were in previous months

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