May 4, 2012

An Afternoon at the Park

We live in an apartment with a large balcony, but it's no substitute for grass. Thankfully, there's a large oval and playground down the street - which I've been starting to take Rowan to recently. When we bought this place back in 2009, we smiled about taking our children for a walk or run to the oval one day.

And now... well, it's a reality:

Something tells me that with the cooler weather upon us, afternoons at the park are going to become more and more commonplace! :)


  1. We have a playground with a huge open space just a block away. It's so nice to have something like that close by.

    Also, I can't BELIEVE he is RUNNING!!!!

    1. Yep... he's running!!! I can barely believe it either! We were at a wedding a little while back and Rowan was trying to keep up with a 2 1/2 year old, and he figured out how to run then and there. :P