June 3, 2012

Life in an Instagram

I wrote a long blog post today but accidentally deleted it (oops!), so you get the short and sweet version: I'll be returning to work as a teacher on July 16th (start of Term 3 here in Australia), and Rowan will be starting childcare one day per week. I feel more than a little guilt about this, as for some reason I never thought that my own child(ren) would be accessing childcare. Hopefully this part sits better with me as time passes. I don't know if I'm ready to hand over an entire day with Rowan to someone else yet?

I guess that this is a small taste of what some parents must feel leaving their eldest child with me at the beginning of the Kindergarten year? Wow, talk about humbling... :/

I've been doing weekly Instagram posts on my personal blog for a while now and thought I'd share the last three weeks worth of adventures here too:

May 14-20

May 21-27

May 28 - June 3


  1. love the hair colour and the nakey baby pic!

    I'm dreading going back to work and sending A to daycare...I go back mid-August :(

    1. *nods in understanding* The daycare/childcare thing is hard, very hard. Thankfully I have seen many of the parents in my Mother's Group (there's 10 of us) go back to work and they've thrived... and so have their babies. I just hope that it all works out for both our babies (and ourselves!) too.

      P.S. - I'm really enjoying being a redhead again, it's liberating to have a dramatic change every once in a while. :)