July 11, 2012

15 Months Old

Rowan is now 15 months old, my little man is getting very cheeky and vocalising a lot more (and I'm starting to see the beginnings of frustration when he's trying to communicate his needs and I don't understand). Since he mastered a lot of the physical milestones over the past few months, it's all about communication these days... and that is pretty fun to watch. He's a little sponge when it comes to absorbing sounds and he'll attempt to imitate most things you say.

He is starting to learn about right and wrong, and often gives the game away before doing something he knows he shouldn't (such as pulling washing off the clothes rack or hitting me in the face in frustration). In the case of getting physical, I sit him down and tell him "no" firmly, which usually results in crying and occasionally the flailing of limbs.

There have been so many new words and sounds this month, it's difficult to keep track of them all - in the past two weeks there has been at least a new word every day, it's a pretty amazing time to witness! A lot of food and animal-related sounds (we're thinking of taking him to the zoo sometime when the weather gets better, Matt and I both think he'd love it!). Some of the new words are:
  • cuddle "cuul"
  • shoe "ooo"
  • cheese "kee"
  • crashing "caaar"
  • light "aigh"
  • door
  • bib "bii
  • car
  • bye bye "buh-bye"
  • yoghurt "yoyoyo"
  • sheep "baabaa"
  • snake "sssss"
  • bird "biiiir"
  • dog/cat/duck/cow (see, lots of animals!)
Rowan gets very excited about going out and will excitedly yell variations of Go! Key! Door! Car! (imagine everything being said in exclamation... that's Rowan :P)

He also now uses the words Mum (Mumum or mama), Dad (dadada) and Nan-Nan in context, which is fun too. He plays a game with us where he 'talks' into his toy phone and says "lo Nan-Nan", imitating games we play with him. I'm looking forward to the imitation becoming real pretend play in the coming months, and we give him lots of opportunities to copy us and have a go himself (whether that's pretending to 'feed' us, vacuum the floor, or taking his plates and cups out of the dishwasher).

So all in all, it's been a very vocal month indeed!

Brushing his own hair

laughs with Daddy after dinner

my blonde boy with the unruly curls at the back!

Rowan LOVES water!

We love him so. <3

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