September 2, 2012


It has surprised me on how much the idea of having another baby is growing on me. Usually the 'baby-fever' pangs move on quite quickly (usually about the time there's a toddler tantrum or near-sleepless night...!) but this is sticking around.

Holy cow, does this mean mentally I'm getting ready for this?!

In the world of toddlers, I'm having so much fun with Rowan's "conversations" (usually occurring while we're quietly sitting together after a breastfeed; he tells me something and waits for me to confirm it by repeating the word/phrase before moving onto the next thing). This afternoon's conversation was "Igglepiggle, Pontipines, lovely strawberry". That won't mean much to most (any?) of you reading this, but Rowan was telling me about his favourite TV show, In the Night Garden and he had just eaten strawberries. The word "lovely" is reserved for only the best things in life (namely breastmilk, occasionally other foods). Toddler-speak rocks my world, it's amazing to see them making connections with the world around them. :)


  1. awww I would love to hear in on a video! Sounds like he's very verbal!!! Abbey's got quite a few words (and she understands pretty much anything I say at this point) but she'd definitely not using sentences yet! I can't wait to hear what she's thinking lol

    1. Abbey sounds a lot like Rowan too, it's amazing how much toddlers understand before they can speak the words themselves. Of course, Rowan isn't using multiple words all the time yet (obviously!), but 2 words in quick succession a lot now ('more eat', 'weetbix bowl', 'milk please' - just in a way we understand it but others might not yet :P). I'll try to grab a video of his speech soon, lots of it is copying, while other things are his own decision.