September 30, 2013

My Brain Has Turned into a Mush of Peppa Pig

I’ve been in Hobart, Tasmania for the past few days (and got home on Saturday) and though it was fun and
had moments of relaxation, it was hard work too. Travelling with a toddler isn’t relaxing in the slightest and while we’ve persevered twice this year (Sydney in March and then Hobart), it isn’t something I’m keen to do again in a hurry.

I’ve also looked back at my patterns of my blogging/writing this year and realise that as my down-time (as a parent) has diminished, so has my writing. Completely understandable – I get it now – being so exhausted by the end of the day can make the outpouring of words seem like a chore. During the moments of calm and relaxation, I find that my words all seem to go ioedbnoeboetisnmorkaesmontlwhmoup56m together (not a slight exaggeration) and any eloquence I once possessed has vanished, to be replaced by the rhetoric of entire episodes of Peppa Pig. For my own mental health I need to get back into this.

And when it does come time to write... what do I say? When I feel a little unsure about things, I prefer to keep it trapped in my mind rather than blurting it out to an audience (even myself), because that makes it just seem more real. As for now? A lot of negativity in my mind, mainly linked to insecurities about parenting and control issues/power struggles. Rowan dropped his day sleep around the same time that he weaned from breastfeeding, then has been ill for the past two weeks (finally coming good at the moment). I’ve felt him easing back in his affection towards me at times (or at least that’s how I feel) and it’s all about Daddy of late. There are continual tantrums, many of which are linked to overtiredness and the refusal of a nap, and then I feel myself losing control of my level-headedness and just want a few minutes to myself without the tears, screams, pushes or the dreaded ‘limp noodle’ position. So I feel a bit inferior as a parent at the moment, which has spilt over into my teaching days and I find myself second-guessing what I do both at work and home, losing confidence in both areas. As a professional I feel underappreciated (and have for most of this year, but have already written about this before), and yearn for a sea change, but know that it isn’t to happen until the end of next year (I want the redundancy and parental leave payments, both highly lucrative and enough to encourage me to keep going). Part of me wants to be pregnant as soon as possible to have an easier pathway out of teaching, the other part of me knows how much I’m struggling to be the parent I want to be right now and that pregnancy might compound things. And then there’s infertility, IVF and that opens another can of worms completely.... ugh! When did life as an adult become so complicated?

But that’s not to say that life doesn’t have its moments of joy. Laughter, cuddles, food, sunshine, photography... all good things (but overshadowed by the trappings of my mind at times). I want to share some photos about the positive things, as I don’t want to forget them...

 photo 09-27-2013_bec-redhair_zpsaa4c59aa.jpg
This is me... a hair update (I'm in a red phase at the moment)

 photo 09-02-2013_truck_zpse49a2aab.jpg
Trucks and sand on our balcony.

 photo 09-18-2013_rowan-hat_zps818a89c9.jpg
Playing with my dragon hat before a work dress-up day (and Rowan's artwork on the fridge)

 photo 09-26-2013_hobartviews_zps7589dcbc.jpg
Scenes from my hubby's parents' house in Hobart, Tasmania.

 photo 09-26-2013_hobart-sponge_zpsff73de8c.jpg
My attempt at a strawberry cream sponge. Tasted brilliant if I say so myself. ;)

 photo 09-27-2013_bec-matt_zpsddb8d64b.jpg

Matt and I (before the hair transformation)

 photo 09-26-2013_rowan-daddy_zpsf5283c44.jpg
Rowan and Matt at The Aproneers, a great organic and sustainably-focused store and cafe in Hobart.

 photo 09-27-2013_rowan-hayleyjumper_zps7730b24c.jpg
Jumpers that are way too big are fun. ;)

 photo 09-27-2013_rowan-crazyhair_zps3bc4db9a.jpg
And crazy bed hair is pretty fun too!

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