March 29, 2010

The Next Step

In three sleeps (can you tell I'm a teacher of young children?) I'll be seeing my fertility specialist to seek referral to one of the IVF clinics in my city. When I last saw her in October last year, she wasn't keen to refer me on straight away (I was also having difficulty coming to terms with the I-word at that point (well... two I-words...infertility and IVF), instead preferring me to wait until April to come and see her again. Of course, I made the appointment for April 1st. ;)

In that time, I'm sad to say that my husband and I haven't had success with conceiving naturally, but I'm proud of myself to being able to wait until my March cycle ended before contacting our FS (patience is not one of my finest points at times!). I'm more at ease with our situation now, and can talk about fertility-related things without cringing or tearing up. So I guess this makes me more ready to take that next step?

So in a few days I'll officially be making a call to the IVF clinic after getting my referral and getting on their books. And then the next chapter of this story will begin.

In the meantime, I'm occupying my time with some of these things:

Homemade chocolate sponge cake for celebrating birthdays

Exploring the city of Melbourne with good friends as part of a fundraising activity (that's me with the beaded necklace!)

Home organisation (I have my own Tupperware drawer)

Waking up to gorgeous sunrises!

My gorgeous Cockatiel who goes by the name of Jesse (he's molting here, so looking a little dishevelled)

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