April 8, 2010

Police Checks

Hubby and I got our police check forms ready over the weekend, and they were sent off with a cheque yesterday. They should take 10-14 days to come back to us, and then we can book the counselling appointment and get bloods taken (it's compulsary to submit a national police check before starting IVF treatment under the ART Bill here in my state. No, it's not something I necessarily believe in, but at the moment I'd probably jump through a hoop backwards if someone would say it'd help me get pregnant faster).

Eager to get this whole process started, I feel a bubble of excitement instead of a pit in the bottom of my stomach.

I'm shooting a wedding in October (for a friend of the family) in central Victoria, part of me wonders if treatment will have worked by then and I'll be in the midst of my first or second trimester by then? But then again, I see parallels to the entries I wrote in my other blog (this one's a secret from family/friends at this point) in the early stages of TTC where I presumed I'd be pregnant within six months. We all know that life doesn't always work that way now. ;)

Let's just say I'm progressing with cautious optimism.

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