May 9, 2010

Happy Sunday

Good morning!

Today is Mother's Day here in Australia (and in a few other countries I'm told; it's easier to live in a bubble sometimes) and, while I thought it'd be a grand plan to avoid blogs and Facebook today, I'm in a good place.

Maybe it's because of the afternoon tea I'm throwing to honour my own mother today, or the fact that the police check for my hubby is on the way (as of Frikday; Public Enquiry Service told me so!), or that I'm finally letting go of the stress/anxiety related to trying to conceive.

Several friends and family have told me in the last fortnight that I seem 'full of energy' or 'positive', when they don't really know the whole story. Am I radiating positive thinking again? Maybe so, this is a big step if it's the case.

Happy Sunday to you, my fellow infertile friends. May this week continue to be a good one.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Sunday to you too...glad to see you are also dealing with this silly day in a positive way...Keep radiating! ;)