May 16, 2010

Resisting the Urge

I'm proud of myself for resisting the urge and not call Monash IVF to check they received our registration on Friday - instead I'm waiting until Monday afternoon because it's entirely more realistic that they will have received and processed our forms.

I started a new cycle yesterday and cramps have been kicking my arse both days. So much so that I'm sitting in bed with my laptop and it's already 12.35pm (ho hum!). Sure, it's Sunday and a designated 'lazy day' but old habits die hard and I want to be productive too. Perhaps I'll do a little work for the week ahead later in the afternoon. Or find an excuse to take photos somewhere -- I've been in a picture-rut since December, I realise.

Speaking of cycles, I'm guessing that this one will be the last 'natural' one for a couple of months (before down regulating and stimming), both a little poignant and frightening. My poor bank account's going to take a battering this year...!

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