August 3, 2010

No Doubting This Response...

Who would have thought it? After yesterday's very faint positive on an internet cheapie strip, I bought myself a First Response test and.... well, there's no doubting that result. I'm pregnant!

Before I get ahead of myself there is Thursday's blood test to get through, and early ultrasound after that. But wow, I never thought I'd get this far so fast - I feel so bleesed!

Hubby and I are trying not to think ahead, but we can't help but talk about when we'll tell both sets of parents (probably at the 7 week mark, since his parents live interstate and we'll be seeing them in person for the first time this year in a month's time). Interestingly, that means also keeping "the secret" from my own mother until then, someone that I'm very close to. My guess is that she'll figure it out, but we'll just have to see. As I said, a month is a long time away and we don't even know yet whether this little one is meant for the world (I think she it is).

P.S. - The urge to pee very frequently on Saturday night made me realise that maybe my period wasn't on the way after all. That and a general feeling of 'oddness'. Since then, the peeing han't stopped (I've been waking up at least twice a night needing to use the toilet) and this morning I haven't felt all that hungry but have eaten my bran cereal anyway. Isn't it too early for all of this?

I worked out my dates, and I'm only a tad over 4 weeks...


  1. Yippee ***happy dance***
    Does your mom know about the ivf at least? I hear will be very hard to keep it secret when everyone knows about it.

  2. Jenny, yes my Mum does know about our IVF treatment (although the in-laws do not at the moment). She's been wonderfully supported and has been learning a lot about it with me.

    I'd love to share this early part of my pregnancy journey with Mum, and I know she'll understand after I tell her why we waited to spill the beans. :)

  3. It's great to have that mum had endo (did yours?) so she already understands that part of my life...I'm very happy she'll be there through everything else.