October 14, 2010

14 Weeks

Hubby and I went away to the Grampians (a mountain range in inner Victoria) for a wedding I was shooting last weekend. It was an amazing experience (with views for miles and miles!) but unfortunately the morning sickness I thought I'd avoided reared its ugly head on the morning of the wedding...oh dear.

Thankfully I didn't empty the contents of my stomach, though I had to excuse mysef out of rooms multiple times during the day (including while shooting the bride getting the end of her make-up done). Talk about an experience!

Here I am before the ceremony (photo courtesy of the hubby) -

Photo at 13 weeks & 4 days

I made my pregnancy official to management at work last week, which was a relief (as it turns out many people were guessing anyway, given the fact I'm starting to show and was quite thin pre-pregnancy!). Many of the parents and families I work with at the preschool are very happy for the news too... even if it means I won't be teaching their children next year!

Got a shocking cold at the moment, which is the first I've had since I hit 6 weeks (when I had 3 colds in quick succession... hello compromised immune system!) and am thinking of taking tomorrow off as a sick day - I barely ever take time off. I think I owe it to myself. :)


  1. wow that looks like a beautiful place for a wedding! You look lovely :) Sorry the surprise morning sickness decided to show up about 6 weeks late :P It's a good sign though so at least there's that :S

  2. Well...that's true (I tried to think of the nausea that way too, annoying as it was at the time!). Thankfully it's been fine for the last few days now. :)

    I know, how gorgeous was that scenery?! If I wasn't so busy shooting the couple I'd have loved to have taken more pictures of the views - they were truly spectacular. :D

  3. glad the nausea is staying away :)