December 9, 2010

22 Weeks

The bumping and thumping continues, with baby making his presence known more by the day.

We had an appointment with our obstetrician this morning, where we found out that everything was well with the 20-week scan (as expected, as we were given every indication during the scan that nothing was awry!). Weight gain so far this pregnancy is at 8kg (I'm now carrying an extra 1/7th more weight than pre-pregnancy!), the doctor seems to be pleased with how everything is progressing.

I'll be doing the (non-fasting) glucose test on January 4th - not particularly looking forward to it but such is life! The doctor also said that with his IVF patients he usually schedules a 28-week ultrasound to make sure that everything is continuing to progress nicely. Another ultrasound? Another chance to see the little man's features more developed? I'll definitely be in on that (even if it's for purely selfish reasons :P).

I quite like our obstetrician, he said he needs to have a "reason" (his words) to perform another scan, with IVF in itself not usually being enough on the request form. So he popped down that the baby is potentially measuring small (even though he's not!), and voila... scan is booked for January 20th.

Recent gifts for the little man(atee) that arrived from my MIL and sister in-law. Very cute, and in squee-worthy newborn size!

View from the top at 22 weeks! ;)


  1. look at you, how cute!! I'll have to go back and catch up here. I definitely would love to read about your IVF process.

    Thank you for the help on my blog post. You totally are NOT late. I still haven't gotten any DHEA yet because I was/am scared of what it might do. How much did you take and how early did you start taking it before the IVF cycle? Thanks soooo much!!

  2. soooo cute!!!

    sounds like a really great OB you have...wonder if I can convince mine to do another one :P

  3. Jenny, he's fantastic - can't recommend him highly enough! (although for my next appt he'll be away on holidays so I'll be seeing someone else) Hopefully your care provider is just as thorough. :)