January 9, 2011

26 Weeks

My ravenous first trimester hunger has come back this week, which leads me to think that the little man is in a weight-gain phase at the moment! Protein, carb, sugar, milk... all being craved simultaneously - it's enough to do any pregnant woman's head in! Still, trying to consume healthier options (ie, homecooked chicken vs fast food, or my own baked goods vs those in shops). I was making a banana loaf during the week and for some reason even bit off a chunk - I don't even like bananas normally!

Comfort-wise, I've developed a few niggly pains recently, mainly in my middle back and hips. There were a couple of days where getting around was rather difficult, but my Mum has been making some helpful suggestions such as putting a pillow under my bump and/or between my legs while sleeping to take the strain off my body (which I think is part of the problem). I think I need to get a bit more active too, now that I'm on holidays from teaching at the moment.

Random tumy-tightening has been steadily increasing too (since about week 24?), my doctor seems to think it might be Braxton Hicks (practice contractions) since they're mainly uncomfortable - not painful - and last for short intervals (~30sec). At times it's enough to have me rubbing my tummy to ease them though.

And we won't mention the kicking that baby's doing on the scars from my laparoscopy a couple of years ago... ouch!

Yes, it's all rather pleasant down in this neck of the woods at the moment. ;)

Though in more positive news, the baby 'nook' (as opposed to a whole room) is beginning to get underway, with boxes under the spare room bed being cleared out in preparation for bed disassembling (!) and wall painting. Very exciting! We've picked out a cot, changetable/drawer unit and small wardrobe, so it's a matter of preparing some parts of the room before we can purchase the furniture. Hopefully it all comes together in the next 4-6 weeks, as I have the urge to be prepared sooner rather than later. :)

And to finish off, a tummy picture taken this week:

26 weeks


  1. We bought the furniture last week when we saw a great boxing day sale...it arrived today :) We have it stored away in the basement for now though because the baby's room is still full of other crap and needs to be painted first.

    I love the bump...looks like your belly button is getting closer to popping!

  2. Jenny, I wish we could have purchased the furniture for our nursery alredy too (but living in an apartment, there's no extra storage to speak of.... booo!). However, hubby disassembled the bed today and that's ready to store (in my Mum's garage for the short term!), I'm going to pick up some paint sample pots this week and apparently the big furniture shop is on next weekend according to hubby - woohoo! :D

    And LOL, yes - my belly button is definitely on the way out, it's been changing by the day lately (currently has a pokey-out bit on the top which I've never had before). I give it 2-3 weeks. :P

    P.S. - What colour scheme have you gone with your furniture? (we're going light wood with green/yellow colour accents)

  3. I was going to ask if there was a parent or friend garage for storage...that's what we did when we moved from our apt and waited about 10 months for our house to be built....

    All the furniture in my home is light wood since it's such a little house (900 sq.ft on two floors--luckily we have an unfinished basement and a shed!). We felt that we wanted the baby's room to be totally different so we went with a more cherry colour for the furniture. As for paint/colour scheme we are going to wait until Feb 2 (anatomy scan) to know for sure what we're having...as I said they had a pretty good idea at the 13 week scan but we want to be more sure! If it's a boy I'm not into blue so it will probably be neutral shades of green, beige, similar to you. If it's a girl I'm not into SUPER PINK so likely feminine but cool shades of lavender, blues, greens.

  4. I bought a body pillow to sleep with when I was pregnant and it really helped with the back and hip pain.

  5. Jenny - our colour schemes sound very similar (we were thinking greens/purples for a girl too!). Originally we wanted dark (or cherry) wood for furniture as well, but didn't think it would suit this small space - with little natural lighting - all that well. If we move in the next couple of years it might be different, but everything will match within the room so it's all good. ;)

    Vikie - I've been using a regular pillow at the moment, which is working out okay. Might look into a bigger (body) pillow though, thanks for the suggestion. :)