January 22, 2011

27 Weeks

Operation Baby Nook is well under way, with hubby and I purchasing our nursery furniture on the weekend. We're waiting on it being delivered until we've painted the walls (a work in progress!). The important purchase of the carseat happened this week, as well as a collection of clothing (at a recent sale) that will have our little man clothing until next Summer by the look of it!

All purchased from Mothercare, but without the wardrobe pictured on the left (we got the tallboy to the right instead, as well as a wooden drawer that fits under the cot.
As I mentioned in last week's journal entry, we're going with a warm green for the walls, with some of the colour swatches considered below.

The chosen colour is 'Celery Green' and is the bottom colour on the top-right swatch.
(hubby paints a sample on one of the walls)

My tummy is beginning to get quite firm, and I've noticed that after a big meal it feels as though my stomach is pressing right up against my sternum - rather painful at times! So I've learnt the hard way about eating smaller meals, and am trying to make snacking times count more than empty kilojoules (not that I'm concerned about weight gain; I was underweight pre-pregnancy). When I lay down, you can see quite the pronounced little lump now that is my uterus!
(it's always a lot bigger when I stand up, obviously!)


  1. Nice colour on the walls!!! I have a simlar colour in my living room on an accent wall...I'm a fan of green :)

    I have a very similar (albeit a "little" smaller) bump when I'm laying down too! It is most noticeable in the morning...and hard to the touch!

    I like your furniture choice...I was tempted to go for light wood (like the rest of my house) but in the end we went with dark...just to "change things up" lol

  2. Thanks for the colour compliment! The green looks really nice on the walls, and goes with the other bits and pieces we have planned for the room. :)

    My bump used to be hard to the touch just in the morning too, but now it's hard pretty much all the time!