July 18, 2011

The Voice

My little Rowan man is 14.5 weeks old, and just over three months. As I type this, I can hear his newly-discovered voice coming from the other side of the room. It's amusing, before he'd have different tones for different needs (ie, sleep or food) but now that he's discovered volume, the same sound is used for everything.

Happy about being fed? Aaaaa-woah-aaaaa.Hungry? Aaaaa-woah-aaaaa.
Tired? Aaaaa-woah-aaaaa.
Chatty? Aaaaa-woah-aaaaa.
Joining in singing? Aaaaa-woah-aaaaa
The saga continues. Of course, both hubby and I are rapt at this new development - our son has a voice! And a beautiful (yet robust) one at that. Every day he is becoming more and more active too, and has tried rolling onto his side a few times (his head is still a bit heavy) from front to back. I'm guessing it won't be too long, I reckon he'll be successful sometime in the next month... and then the babyproofing officially begins, so to speak. ;)

We've also entered the everything-goes-in-the-mouth stage.

Here's a video of Rowan demonstrating his vocal skillz:

Recent pictures:
12 weeks

13 weeks
12 weeks
13 weeks

14 weeks

14 weeks

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  1. awww love his little voice!
    he is beautiful :) he has very wise eyes...like an old soul!