October 31, 2011


Rowan surprised us all last weekend by learning to crawl.

Really, I shouldn't have been all that surprised as he's been doing a scooting kind of action for about a month now - but he figured out how to co-ordinate his arms and legs together, and now with the speed of his movements you'd have thought he'd been crawling for ages (not just a week!!).

Yes, baby-proofing has officially started (of course, Rowan gives us a fairly good guide as to what needs further work; he's into everything).

See Exhibit A:

Yep, just a small snippet of Rowan "helping" me clean. ;)

1 comment:

  1. lol too cute!

    That's so exiting that he started crawling...Go Rowan!
    I don't think Abbey is trailing too far behind. Today at a friends she was sticking her butt up and pushing off of her knees...she just needs to get up on her hands. Right now she pulls her self with her elbows and gets tired very quickly haha!