November 4, 2011

Wedding Anniversary

On November 1st, Matt and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary, and our first as parents. We didn't do anything flashy, just cooked together and reminisced a little. It was a nice cosy evening (even better that Rowan went down to sleep first time around without any hassle - or as we call it - theatrics).

How things change in the space of a year...

I was 19 weeks pregnant here.

We were trying to take a photo of the three of us with the remote shutter and Rowan immediately started fussing with hunger, so we went with it. ;)

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  1. beautiful! Congratulations on three years! Our first as parents will be on May 18th (Abbey was born just two weeks after our third annivesary)

    P.S. yeah i'm a little worried about Abbey going mobile...she's already sooo curious and sooo active. Everyone is telling me I'm in for a lot of trouble lol