December 4, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

Despite having a mobile baby in the house, we decided to put up our Christmas tree this year. It feels great to have such an outwardly sign of Christmas in the house, and is filling me with relaxation in the evening when the lights are on (mainly after Rowan's gone to bed, as to not be too tempting for him!).

The first day he tried everything in his power to get to the tree, since then he's been looking at it but not too focused (thankfully). That all might change soon when there's a few presents underneath, but we'll see!

Journalling reads: "Rowan has been so very interested in the changes to the loungeroom for Christmas, from helping Daddy with the lights to touching the decorations. Since he is getting so mobile now, we have had to put the coffee table in front of the tree as to form a barrier. Hopefully by another couple of years we’ll be able to move it away again!..."

I'm loving the idea of celebrating Christmas with a baby for the first time. <3


  1. Rowan is shaping up the events in your life! that's cute!

  2. I can't wait for baby's first's such a dream come true...we're putting up the tree and decorations today :)
    I can't believe how mobile Rowan is!

  3. Jenny, it's been a lot of fun thinking about traditions as a family as well as the lead-up to the big day itself! Rowan's going through a tough time at the moment though, his top two front teeth are cutting through at once and he's in an awful amount of pain... poor thing. I feel so sorry for him. :(