January 6, 2012

Rowan's Photobook

I never got around to posting pictures of our Christmas presents to our families back in December (mainly due to them reading this blog and wanting things to remain a surprise!). We had books from blurb.com printed of Rowan's 2011. This started off with a few ultrasound and belly pictures (aww) and progressed to 10 pages of images per month post-bierth, resulting in a whopping 100 pages - WOW!

The quality of the printed images is surperb and we sprung for extra-thick pages, which really added a professional touch with the finished product (including a full-bleed photo cover). Everyone loved the books too! We didn't print one for ourselves because we'll be covering the first 12 months in April, the project is saved on our computer to make it easier for adding additional pages. :)

Here are pictures of the photobooks:

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  1. awesome! I planned on doing one too when Abbey turns 1 and then possibly smaller ones every year until she is 5 (or 18 lol)