January 28, 2012

This Week in Scrapbooking

Here are some of my recent layouts for 2012:

This was my portion of ScrapOrchard's 'Rumble in the Orchard' CT battle recently. I liked my part so much that I uploaded it as a separate layout. :)

In January 2010 I made a resolution to start a Mission 101 list (setting 101 goals to complete in 1001 days). Now I am in the final nine months of thist project and I'm currently sitting at 42/101 goals complete. Can I make it to 60 before September 12th?!

My basic muffin recipe with a little fruit added in... all recommended by my little taste-tester. ;)

I've been playing with blends lately, and I really like how quickly and easily this layout came together. The papers in this kit are so pretty!!
Bathtub Adventures - by Faith True
Bathtub Adventures Wordart - by Faith True

Practicing his bear crawl to get over obstacles, LOL! :D


  1. yay for buttons in the first one...I love buttons (as you may or may not have noticed on Pinterest lol)

    1. Buttons are SO much fun (and yes, I noticed ;P). When I did paper scrapbooking I didn't like to use too many because they made the pages so fat... digitally? Can go overboard and it's all good. ;)

  2. U arr super talented Rebecca. i wish i was as good as u at this sort if digi thing.

    1. Practice makes perfect. Or makes it done. ;)