February 24, 2012

Where O Where Has My Baby Gone?

...Where o where can he be?

Of all the odd things to hit me tonight, it was while reading the blog of someone who had recently photographed three brothers in their home. As I looked at the pictures of these boys with their arms around each other, it occurred to me that one day Rowan was going to grow up into someone as tall and robust as them.

And that he might have a brother (or brothers! Or even a sister...!) one day and that he would be the oldest. As I watch Rowan toddling around, piece of toast firmly clasped in one hand and making lopsided grins, how is this even possible.

Oh god, he's going to be turning ONE in six weeks. Where's my baby gone?! o_O

(video from this morning)


  1. Oh Wow!!! That is amazing!!! I seriously teared up watching that!

  2. Aww how sweet! I just followed the link to your blog from the forum at Scrap Orchard. I love your pages and your blog is wonderful! I too have an almost 1 year old (AND an almost 3 year old) and often wonder where my little babies have gone LOL I wish my youngest was starting to walk, though she is quite content crawling like mad!