March 2, 2012

Aquarium Trip

Matt took Thursday and Friday off work this week for no reason except to spend time with Rowan and I. I was so excited about this, and even more blown away when he suggested we do something "as a family" during this time. Not that we don't as it is, but something specifically with Rowan in mind. The zoo was our original idea, but the weather was a bit iffy so instead we went to the Melbourne Aquarium.

I thought that Rowan might be a bit young and not get much out of it, but he had a ball wandering around, trying to touch penguins and looking at jellyfish and other creatures. I'd thoroughly recommend an aquarium for those with a young child.

Here are a bunch of photos from our day!

We started off with lunch, as the traffic into the City was busier than we were expecting (and didn't want a cranky baby on our hands)

Rowan was fascinated by the penguins and loved watching them swim and/or waddle past.

Matt took this one of us (no flash allowed in the aquarium, obviously)

He chilled in the pram (and wanted to hold my glasses) for a while after the penguin enclosure, and we looked at other environments...

Rowan and Matt were looking at the turtles...

... and Rowan wanted to touch the turtle.

... only he got bitten! It was only a nip, but Rowan was a bit apprehensive about putting his hand in the water after that. ;)

There was a BIG round room with sharks and other large sea creatures, there weren't too many people in there at the time we passed through so Rowan wandered around the edges and lay on the floor for a while. I think he found it quite calming.

Exploring the gift store (we didn't buy anything)

Walking with Daddy (I bought Rowan's first 'real' pair of shoes during the week)

I <3 the toddling.


  1. It's funny you blogged about this today! I was just asking on the mommy message board about how I wasn't sure if bringing her to these types of things was worth it at her age. We have a great Biodome here I think you just convinced me to go. I wish we had an aquarium :( But, there are penguins at the biodome so I'm sure she'll like that! We'll definitely go to the zoo in the summer. I CAN'T.BELIEVE.HE'S.WALKING...I wonder if A will be starting in the next 6 weeks!!

    1. I can't get over the walking either!! His confidence is improving by the day - today Rowan walked from one end of the children's area of the library to the other, I was agape!

      The zoo was going to be our first choice for the day, but the weather wasn't all that nice so outside adventures weren't on the cards. Some people with babies have told me that aquariums (etc) are great because they allow you to get closer to the action than zoos sometimes can - with their bigger enclosures/environments etc. So looking forward to taking Rowan to museums and thel ike as he gets bigger. :)

      Do you think Abbey's getting close? From first step to 'proper' walking was about 3-4 weeks for us.