September 26, 2010

11.5 Weeks

I'm on school holidays from teaching at the moment (bliss!) so there's been a bit of relaxing as well as catching up with friends and family. I've been thoroughly enjoying my time off - still another week to go - and then it will be (hopefully) my last Term of classroom teaching before office duties for Feb/March next year before starting maternity leave. Can't get too ahead of myself though, I'll be meeting with management at some point in October or November to discuss exactly what the beginning of next year will bring (I'm due at a tricky time, with not being eligible for maternity leave until 4 weeks into the school year).

Lots of changes this week, including:
- A couple of bouts of (mild) random quasiness
- Light-headedness if I don't eat every two hours
- A total of 3kg gained so far this pregnancy
- The potential beginnings of colostrum (!)

Our first appointment with our obstetrician is on Wednesday, with our next ultrasound the following week (October 5th). So hopefully exciting times ahead!

P.S. - I think it's nearly time to (sadly) put away my favourite jeans:


  1. What's your due date? I keep forgetting the seasons are all backwards from me so I'm lost as to when the school year starts for you :P

    Looks like those jeans are going to have to take a back seat for a while :P I like the idea of an pants are already tight because I put on a little weight over the summer and from the you've given me a way to wear them a little longer :)

  2. I'm due on April 12th (but I have a feeling already that this little one will be fashionably late ;P).

    My Mum came up with the idea of elastic, since I didn't have any in my sewing kit I improvised with a hairtie... worked well! You can get band-type things here in Australia that do the same thing, but they're pricey for what they are.

    Yep, I had post-med bloat too (especially around the ovaries from the egg collection - they're still tender occasionally, although I'm possibly confusing it with round ligament pain, who knows!)