September 7, 2010

9 Weeks

I'm nine weeks today, with only one month to go until I'm out of the first trimester!

After getting over the initial shock of discovering that we were pregnant at the beginning of August, the last five weeks have been an interesting time: the never-ending appetite (including massive cravings for cheese that have only been getting stronger!), countless toilet trips, the tiredness and more. Morning sickness has been kind to me so far, with only a few queasy moments to date (my Mum jokes that I'll be in for it later down the track).

We have our first appointment with a hands-off obstetrician (who comes highly recommended) on September 29th, and our twelve-week scan on October 5th. Hubby wants to come to both, which I think is really quite sweet (though little does he know yet that I'll be having to take a urine sample to the OB appointment!).

The little bloaty bump that I posted last week has hung around, which leads me to believe that it's the beginning of something real. Skinny jeans have been put to the back of the wardrobe in favour of fitted pants with a little more stretch to them - hopefully these get me by for another 1-2 months, or until it's warm enough here for skirts/shorts again! (secretly I'm glad to be having a Summer baby because my wardrobe is more suited for it, with me probably only having to buy a few pieces here and there).

Anyway, enough of vanity, that's this week's update. ;)


  1. *BIG smiles*

    so happy for you.

    Question: Do you remember feeling like your pants would dig in while taking your FSH??? I swear these little follicles are taking up a lot of room!!! Hopefully they are coming out this week so we can make our baby :)

  2. I got quite a bit of bloating in the 4-5 days leading up to egg collection, but not enough that my pants got tight (which apparently is quite common!). Does get a little ouchie though, especially after the HCG trigger injection (I had Ovidrel) when they're joustling all around your ovaries!

    Here's a random fact, at my 7 week scan, the ultrasound tech had to check my ovaries to see how they were healing up and you could see all the little release sites. No wonder they're still tender at times! (they should have resolved themselves by 20wks though)

  3. the ovidrel wasn't too bad for me (as I'd already done it for my 2 IUIs)...but the egg retrieval was a nightmare :(

  4. Ahh true, I'd forgotten you'd done the IUI cycles before. Sorry to hear about your egg retrieval story on your blog, it doesn't sound all that pleasant at all... :/