September 12, 2010

9.5 Week Belly

This is what I'm seeing by the evenings lately, I've had lots of 'pulling' pains/twinges and the urge to wee has been stronger again in the last few days. My favourite pair of jeans are holding on for dear life!

Hubby and I had our first discussion about names the other night, he brought up a list I'd mentioned about names I'd liked during the years and then crossed off along the way. It turns out that there are at least a couple of girls names we agree partway on, but so far nothing for boys. Hopefully for our sake this little one turns out to be a girl (if my instinct is correct, then it will be the case!).


  1. You're tooo cuuuuute!!! Lovely little bump you've started :D

    My transfer is tomorrow and I'm so scared...were you are terrified as I am with the fact that they're only putting in one embryo? I really wish the gov't would allow two :/

    Hubbykins and I have been talking about baby names since about 5 years before we even though of ttc lol...we can't agree on boys names either...I think in our line of work a lot of names get scratched out since we create negative associations or we just get tired of hearing the same names over and over....

  2. Boys names- so very difficult! And your instinct is girl? Exciting!


  3. Jenny: Getting back to your note (sorry about not seeing it earlier!), I had made my peace with only one embryo being transferred (a day 5 expanded blastocyst) but had a cry to my hubby the night before about the other embryos on ice being lonely and we should give them a home too. Hubby visibly whitened, and I eventually got over it. With our odds at the moment, I reckon we'd have ended up with multiples so I'm thankful for our one healthy little one. :)

    Mel: Too true! Most names we don't mind are either family names (ie, both sides have overused them) or I/he/both of us have negative memories associated with them...think students I've taught or bullies etc. Girls names are fun to think about. ;)