February 10, 2011

31 Weeks

Baby's got the beginnings of a room!

Matt working on the changetable last night.

Operation Baby Nook is continuing to progress, with the walls completed and furniture in the process of being put together. By this time next week, the cot will be in and possibly even the Mario-themed decals will be adorning the walls! Then it will be time to start putting clothing, nappies, blankets (etc) away and pack my hospital bag.

Speaking of which, we have started antenatal classes - which has led me to feel both apprehensive (pain management in labour, and when will my labour begin?) and relieved at the same time (feeling informed and having my silly questions answered). Truth be told, I wasn't sure at first if they were a really good idea, but considering this is our first baby a lot of the information has been useful - even if some of it is just to listen to, rather than take on board.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and was thrilled to discover that the little man has decided to turn head-down again (in fact, he's quite low - though I was reassured that this has no bearing on preterm labour etc (phew). For the first time, I hadn't gained any scale weight (hurrah! :D), and would like to attribute that to being back at work and eating a bit healthier - but who knows really, it might have been a fluke too.

My back has been acting up something terrible during the past two weeks, and I'm beginning to realise that I have limitations now (who'd have thought I'd be frustrated because I couldn't cope with things like vacuuming??), and that I don't have to be superwoman and can lean on others a little for support - possibly literally at times too! Just taking each day at a time and knowing there will be good days and not-so-good days, and making the most of the good ones.

And in the meantime, working on my pregnancy scrapbook, enjoying the fact that I've only got 2.5 weeks left until maternity leave begins (good timing!) and feeling a squirmy baby poking his feet out at odd angles from my body!


  1. The baby room looks good. Hang in there...won't be much longer now!

  2. I adore to room Bec, It's beautiful. I completely understand the back pain, I had to wear a back brace for it, attractive NOT! I need to send your baby present soon.


  3. Awww, thanks Carley. I sympathise with you on the back pain - one of those glorious things people don't tell you about ahead of time! ;)

    *gets excited about receiving mail* :D

  4. Great work on the nook! It's going to look great!

    I find my back hurts already and I'm 7 weeks behind you! uh oh! For me it's mostly from having trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position.

    Yipee for mat leave! How long are you off again?

  5. Jenny, that's how my back pain started too... hubby gets a bit squashed in bed because of all the pillows I've got stuffed around me at the moment! (one in my back, one to support the bottom of my belly and top of my legs).

    I get access to 18mths maternity leave (which I applied and was accepted for), but will start looking at my options at the beginning of 2012 (ie, whether to return to work, pick up some relief/emergency work with an agency, or to stay at home a bit longer with our son). What about you?