February 25, 2011

Thinking Outside the Square [33 weeks]

33 weeks (excuse the lack of modesty)

This picture is proof for myself that I am not in fact carrying a square baby (ie, all camped out on one side), and that my tummy actually looks round occasionally.

My fundal height is only measuring 29 weeks, the doctor reported yesterday and I'm being sent for an extra scan on Tuesday to have the baby's growth monitored (as well as fluid levels and placenta function). However, I do have a very long waist and I'm not being kicked up in the ribs much yet - mainly because baby's bottom is facing the ribs, and legs are diagonally out to the left side - rather painful at times as he stretches!

So trying to think positively and that everything will be okay come Tuesday. It's all I can do, right?


  1. You'll be fine, sweetheart. You're so tall that it's natural he'd grow 'up' rather than out. Try not to worry (easier said than done, I know!). x

  2. Yes must think positive...as much as you can anyway. Your bump is very cute :)

    I always feel like she's "stuck" to one side as well. I don't really ever feel her on the left...always the right.

    I'm also trying not to worry as last night I woke up to a terrible pain in my back on the right side...feels like I pulled a huge muscle :(

  3. Hopefully it's not the start of posterior pelvic pain (which is what I've been going through since about 27-28 weeks in!), that isn't much fun at all. It started feeling like a pulled muscle to me, but never really got better.

    Remember, if it's the back then it's not baby and you're both okay. :)

  4. Been thinking about you...how did your scan go on Tuesday? Hope you're ok...