February 3, 2011

30 Weeks

30 week belly picture.

Saying "I'm 30 weeks pregnant" makes it all seem so close now, as if I'll magically open my eyes at some point soon and discover that I have a newborn son. The reality is that yes, that will happen, but not before living the next two months of my/our lives.

It'd be an understatement if I said the last week has been easy. I'm back at work and with that means job-sharing with my replacement for maternity leave (she's lovely, but I think I'm going to have to bite my tongue because of our differences in philosophies and/or workloads). However, this will only be for the month of February and I know I can do this - I've always been a 'I like to be in control' type of personality.

Physically, the hot weather has taken a lot out of me (it's the middle of the Australian Summer) and I'm finding myself tired, nursing cankles (!!), finding new stretchmarks and hobbling about with a sore back due to over-extending myself recently. But it's not all doom and gloom, I'm incredibly thankful to actually be pregnant and on the home stretch... I'm also looking forward to some of the things I've missed since July of 2010:

* Eating ice-cream sundaes from McDonalds
* Enjoying sushi
* Climbing stairs without puffing
* Bending down without looking like a frog
* Sleeping comfortably
* Laying on my stomach
* Fitting into some of my old clothing

Having said that, there is lots that I'll miss about pregnancy too once it is over:

* Breasts (enough said!)
* Feeling baby movement in my tummy
* Observing the physical changes that seem to occur almost weekly
* Getting to put my feet up
* Being able to forget about infertility somewhat

1 comment:

  1. haha...love your list...especially the bending down like a frog...it's getting really hard to pull on my uggs lol

    Maybe we'll get lucky with the breasts. DH's cousin breastfed for almost 3 years and hers stayed relatively larger in comparison to pre-pregnancy. On the other hand my friend has even smaller ones that she did before so we shall see lol...lucky for me DH is a fan of boobies of all sizes but he's more of a butt man than anything else hahaha

    I had to google Carcassonne...sounds like a pretty cool game! I'm a fan of the classics like scrabble, yahtzee, taboo, clue, balderdash...I also love The Game of Things, boxers or briefs (not a sex game lol) and my fave is cranium...

    You're right about photography...I bought a new camera on my trip...not the fancy digital slr I would have liked (got to save money for my little munchkin's arrival) but definitely a little better than my old point and shoot digi cam...I look forward to playing around with it ans seeing what it's capable of :) I may have to take on some challenges!