March 12, 2012

11 Months Old

Rowan turned 11 months old during the week... and on my 30th birthday, too! So it was a celebratory week for us both! Unfortunately Rowan was quite unwell with a cold at the time, which meant neither of us were able to enjoy the big day very much and spent it quietly (though my Mum had us around for a little bit). Needless to say, Rowan has gotten better in the week since, and passed his illness onto me - which I'm still in the process of getting over. If how I've been feeling was how he felt, no wonder he was miserable and barely sleeping!

Here is a snapshot of Rowan's development at 11 months:

  • Is now walking more than crawling (but still pulls to stand on objects and people, rarely standing from a sitting position on his own yet
  • Babbles a LOT - lots of mumummum, dadadad, yayaya and the chaining of various syllables together, clapping at himself after he's 'said' something particularly loudly and/or lengthy
  • Rowan not only took his first proper steps this month but also said his first word (yep... it's been a big month!). And the word? BOOK (the teacher in me is so proud). Rowan loves to read a "gook" and will bring them to you at any time of the day. His attention span for books is pretty amazing (or so I think), he likes bright colours or rhythmic sentences.
  • Has a big appetite, eating three full solid meals a day and four breastfeeds (plus 1-2 feeds during the night; the boy burns up a lot of energy being so busy!). His favourite foods at the moment are green grapes (cut in half), watermelon, corn on the cob and rice cakes with peanut butter.
  • Loves to cuddle his Soft Bunny (as well as other soft items, and will seek out people he knows to cuddle/pat on the back)
  • Tries to climb everything.
  • Is starting to be wary of new or unfamiliar situations by withdrawing, often becoming clingy towards Matt or I. The same goes for situations with larger groups - more than 4-5 people.
  • Bedtime is between 8-8.30pm most nights, we went through a stage during the month where he seemed to be developing some night separation anxiety and would cry and cry when Matt put him to bed (as he has done since Rowan was a newborn, no routine change). It would get to the point where Rowan would finish his milk feed with me and start to fret. After a week or so of this, we made the change that I would put him into bed instead, and this seems to have solved the problem. It's a shame that Matt doesn't get that last cuddle anymore, but if it helps Rowan to feel secure at night, then we both have said we don't mind this change.
Pictures of Rowan at 11 months old:

Comparision between Matt at 12 months (right) and Rowan at 11 months (left).

Enjoying a Weetbix breastfast

It was a bunny kind of day on the 7th...

Yes... I so went there! And I think Rowan looks cute with his hair in a ponytail. We then went out for coffee like this, much to Daddy's later dismay. ;)

Drool monster!

See... cute! <3

And on a closing note, I was surprised on Friday night by my Mum's Group friends with a birthday cake, and celebrated with high tea at a posh hotel in the City with my Mum on Sunday:

I feel very lucky. <3

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  1. wow you look stunning in that dress! Happy belated birthday...welcome to the "dirty" thirties ;)

    I definitely see the similarities between Matt and Rowan! So cute :)

    And I literally laughed out loud when I read that he says book!!!