March 26, 2012

Pot of Gold: A Poop Story

All I can do at the moment is shake my head and run around after my energetic and enthusiastic 11.5 month old baby toddler who is hell bent on getting up to mischief! One squealing Rowan at the library this morning pulling out chapter books in the children's section while gleefully toddling about and handing them to random people before climbing through shelves to get acccess to other areas. Eeeeek! By the time it's 10.30am I'm already done for the day. x_X

This next part isn't for the squeamish at heart - if you don't like talk of bodily fluids or are eating then feel free to skip (meanwhile I eat lunch while I type this... :P). It's no secret that Rowan loves food. He'd graze all day if he could, and with the energy he burns at the moment he NEEDS to (we had a growth spurt in the past month - it was like having a breastfeeding teenager in the house; not only eating anything he could get his hands on but also having a lot more night feeds too). Anyway, last week Rowan was a bit coldy - he's mixing with a lot of germs these days because many of the other babies in our Mum's Group attend childcare at least part time now. He'd had a bit of a dry cough and hearing him stir in the night coughing wasn't a big deal as he'd re-settle himself most of the time. When he woke up for a feed at 5am one morning I walked into his room and the overpowering stench of vomit hit me... and there was Rowan in his bed eating sultanas out of dried sick. It was pretty gross - and I felt terrible because with the way it'd dried on his pyjamas and bed, it was obvious it hadn't happened recently. Parental fail #1.

Then this morning (oh yes, there is a part two...) after a particularly up-and-down night with a certain baby, II fell asleep again after Rowan awoke to start his day. Yep, parental fail #2! It must have only been for 20min or so, but it was enough time for him to get up to mischief - pulling the lid of his nappy bucket into bed along with two very dirty nappies. With the way Rowan's room is set up, the only place to put the nappy bucket is between the changetable and cot:

(Rowan was two months old in this picture; and the nappy bucket is pushed up against the change table mostly now)
Obviously he's been eyeing this off for some time and his arms have finally gotten long enough to reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And ohmygod.... the mess. The stench. The (literal) shit-eating grin on my son's face as he waved his arms around for me to pick him up and give him a feed.
Needless to say it was straight into the shower for us before having to wash sheets, blankets, pyjamas, toys and the walls.

And as of now, I've relocated the nappy bucket into the laundry cupboard (which is in the kitchen), so it is out of reach of the boy who loves to open and close anything and everything.


  1. oh no! If it makes you feel better, poop snacking seems to be fairly common...I know more than one person who's been through this and I fully expect it to happen to me as well. I don't know which I'm dreading more, poop all over the place or vomit. I think it's the vomit because even though you'd think I'd seen enough (between working with kids and my crazy drinking college years...)I just can't stand the makes ME throw up.
    Regarding the mei tai: This one is cool because it has "wings" on the side that you can loop through. This keeps baby closer (and also less strain on your shoulders) and makes it harder for baby to wiggle around. For the back carry, I still need to do it in front of a mirror. I couldn't do it in my car before heading in to the grocery store,for example. Usually I'll do the back carry for strolls and front carry when I'm away from home. BTW if you like the one I got, you really should check her out...the prices are very reasonable and the quality is excellent. And I know for a fact she delivers to Australia so long as you pay the shipping. She has lots of cool designs and colours and she has "improved" the model even more since I bought it.

    1. Forgot to mention that I do the "high back carry". I googled and found step by step instructions. I prefer it because Abbey is higher up and gets a better view. I also let her keep her arms out over the top.

  2. My kid eats ants, magazines, and sometimes dirty laundry. Kids are disgusting creatures but a least they're cute!