June 21, 2010

Countdown to Wednesday

I'm feeling a lot better now, the nausea passed within a week of starting the birth control pill and, come to think of it, I haven't had a headache today (double score!).

Big appointment on Wednesday morning coming up - hubby and I pay for our first IVF cycle upfront (no-frills; we get the starter form of it which is a good thing!) and get to pick up all the medications from our nurse. I'm not sure what to expect, I've heard horror stories about huge boxes... which wouldn't be all that fun considering we've got a decent walk to and from the train station to the clinic. Maybe it'll be less, I don't know?

All I know is that my account is going to be significantly lighter come Wednesday (bye bye Nikon D700 for now!), and I'll be a heck of a lot more informed. No backing down now, it's game time -- and in five weeks time I'll be either celebrating a positive result or getting ready to start again. Cautious optimism is the key here.

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