June 10, 2010

IVF #1 is Starting!

Yesterday was our appointment with the fertility specialist (also an unscheduled pap smear, of course I wasn’t prepared... you ladies will know what I mean; my knee-high striped socks also remained on, which added to the sense of wonder). Hubby and I both had test results returned (good and good) and we got the official all-clear to start down-regulation on my next cycle.

Excitement much? You bet! Three weeks of being on the Pill, some doses of the Synarel nasal spray and I’m good to go with the injections! I saw my naturopath this morning too, and she asked if there’s any possibility that I’m pregnant now because my period’s running a little late (I doubt it, I tested negative the other day), and we laughed at the irony of it all. She’s pleased for me too, and has recommended acupuncture if we don’t conceive within our first couple of IVF cycles.

A really positive day, and a big possibility that I start the ‘stim’ (injectable) cycle in four weeks time.
I've never been more excited to get a period in my life (judging by how I'm feeling, in the next day or two I think).

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