June 11, 2010

Kindergarten Anecdotes

A watched pot never boils, and neither do periods apparently.

I’m still late (though nothing to get excited about), but feeling like I’ll get it any minute now for the past two days. I’m hoping that this entry is the catalyst that my body needs to kick-start into action or – even better – it’s already started. I picked up my Pill prescription from the pharmacy during my lunch break today, since it was the local one near work I’m glad there weren’t any Kindergarten families in there at the time as the pharmacist asked me a few questions (it was a particular kind of Pill, I thought I’d had it before but it turns out it was just the brand rather than the tablets themselves). It felt kind of odd to be picking up a contraceptive pill prescription, like it’s the antimatter to what I’m trying to achieve.

P.S. – Our IVF nurse called today to introduce herself, she sounds really nice. Unfortunately I couldn’t make an appointment with her just yet (to pick up the other medications etc) until my cycle starts. It’s a long weekend here (the last until November!) so it can wait until Tuesday now... no pressure. :)

I was in my office afterwards, nibbling on lunch while doing some paperwork and the other four year-old group was in session (different teacher). One of the little girls in the group (ever-so-patiently) knocked on the transparent glass door before I opened it, and out of nowhere she asked “where are your kids today?”

I asked if she meant my Kinder group.
“No, the ones in your tummy”.
“They’re not there yet”, I replied.
“But why?”
“Sometimes it takes a long time for them to get there”
“Do you have to wait?”
“Yes... I have to wait”
“Will they come soon?”
“I hope so”
“Me too... I love you”

Although I can’t decide whether that exchange or being asked by one of my own group’s children what I wanted to be when I grew up made me smile more.  Life is full of possibilities.

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