November 4, 2010

17 Weeks

Thwack, thwack, thwack.

When I'm lying down in bed most nights, this is what I feel in the half-hour or so before drifting off to sleep. Always below the belly button, sometimes off to one side, sometimes to the centre (and down pretty low). I definitely know it's the baby I'm feeling now.

It's difficult to describe the movements - they're very light, almost like a muscular twitch but not. It makes me smile and forget whatever it is I'm doing (ie, if I'm having a conversation with someone while sitting on the couch).

Also had a 'gender' dream two nights ago, where I found out that this little one is a girl. I don't know if there's any significance to this, or whether my subconscious is just playing games with me (only 22 days until we potentially find out). Interestingly I haven't had any actualy baby dreams yet - as in holding this baby, or who it is outside of the womb. I'm going to trust my intuition and hope that these dreams come later in the pregnancy.

For the time being, I'm bidding on a cheap fetal doppler on eBay to put my mind at ease - I think for $30 both hubby and I will definitely get our money's worth with the reassurance it brings. :)


  1. The old wives tale says if you dream about a girl, you're having a boy and vice versa...
    Have you tried the chinese gender predictor yet?
    It says girl for me...even though pretty much EVERYONE thinks I'll have a boy.

    So exciting for the movement! I can imagine how that would basically take all of your interest lol

    I've been debating on the doppler too...bidding on ebay is a good idea since they are pretty pricey.

  2. Most of the old wives tales point to BOY and the Chinese gender pridictor seems to think GIRL. Who knows, I think it'll be chocolate at this point. ;)