November 16, 2010

19 Weeks

I am 19 weeks pregnnat today, one week shy of being (give or take) midway through this journey with the soon-to-be-not-so-little little one.

A gorgeous package of cute baby things arrived from my husband's family (and a couple of their friends) yesterday - including slippers, a soft yellow rabbit toy, singlets, jumpsuits and hats. What a surprise!   There's just something about the extreme softness of all things baby *goes gooey*.

(the blanket is especially cute!)

Even though I'll only be 25 weeks-ish at Christmas, the in-laws are throwing us a baby shower when we're over in Tasmania in December (baby showers aren't a big deal here in Australia, but it's a tradition within their family according to my husband - so when in Rome....!). Sister-in-law is apparently planning some cheesy games, I said that as long as it involves food I don't mind what happens! Famous last words perhaps? ;)

We've been giving some thought to the future room of this baby. In our two-bedroom apartment, the second bedroom already houses a bed, three bookshelf units, a corner computer desk and linen cupboard. There isn't an in-built wardrobe (since it's not a large room to begin with), so storage has always been a bit of an issue. Since there isn't another space in the apartment for the desk and shelves, they'll remain in the room, we'll just co-ordinate the cot (crib) and change-table (which we already have; it's our old entertainment/TV unit) in a similar colour to tie it all together. This will be the 'baby nook', which will start its transformation after Christmas... which is surprisingly not too far away now!

(excuse the things on the bed, it's some of the last things to be put away or Freecycled from our move almost a year ago. The styrofoam [from stereo speaker packaging] is being picked up tonight for its new home. We will have more space then!)
I saw my Naturopath this morning, the lovely woman who has helped me from my initial diagnosis of infertility back in 2008 through to the IVF and finally pregnancy. She even had some wonderful pregnancy news of her own to share (!!). I find visiting her a very holistic experience and always leave feeling relaxed, empowered and happy - today was no exception. I'll next see her again after the new year, and am plied up with vitamins and minerals to last me until then. I can't recommend my naturopath (who are also known as herbalists in some countries) highly enough. :)

In other exciting news, I picked up my doppler from the post office this afternoon! Great timing, as it will be good for my reassurance when this baby is going through stiller periods (even though I feel movement most days, usually somewhere between 7-11pm).

.... now to just pick up some AAA batteries and try this out!

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