November 27, 2010

Ultrasound Says...


We will soon be buying more clothes that look like this:

Yes, baby is very much a little BOY!
(measuring right on schedule, everything is exactly where it should be)

So how does it feel to know that this baby is in fact a little man? Surprising, and yet wonderful at the same time! I have been feeling definite girl vibes for most of this pregnancy and went as far as to call myself 75% certain. There you go... that goes to show that the universe likes to save the best surprises for the most important of times.

Laying there on the bed while the ultrasound technician (the same woman who did our 13-week scan) waved her wand on me, manatee squirmed and wriggled, barely giving us all two minutes before he decided to change position and show us his goods. Previously, legs were crossed and I joked to hubby that it would figure, we wouldn’t get to find out the gender today and the technician said “oh, I already know what it is, do you want to know?”. Umm, yes please! She repositioned the wand and zoomed on in, and asked hubby and I what we thought we were looking at. Not three lines, but a something.

“Is that a boy?”, I kind-of-squeaked (wondering if she’d laugh at me if I was wrong).

“Yes, it’s very much a boy”, she responds.

Hubby and I squeeze hands, grin and while she takes pictures and continues the scan the tears stream down the outsides of my eyes. Happy tears, and the realisation that we were going to be parents to a manatee boy.

Yes, it figures that we had all but agreed on a girl’s name and hadn’t yet settled on a name for a boy (we decided not to push it anymore and come the 20-week scan, we might not need to have that conversation anymore!).

After the technician confirmed our realisations, hubby laughed and replied “that’d figure!”.

So now starts the journey of suitable names for little boys, names that will carry on through to adulthood painlessly. The list of ‘I hate it’s is lengthening, but the list of ‘I don’t hate it, but...’ is growing. Perhaps we’ll see eye to eye soon, or maybe when our little boy is born we’ll know the perfect name? Either way we won’t be sharing any names online before the birth!

Post-ultrasound, we emerged with an envelope of highly-prized pictures, DVD and big grins on our faces. It was a relief to also discover that the baby’s head isn’t overly huge (even though he currently weighs in at 380g or 13oz, which sets us on track for an 8lb+ birth at full-term), which was the case with my brother who required a forceps delivery during his birth. Dissimilarly, I practically slid out at a tiny 6lb 13oz (at 38 weeks; whereas hubby was born at 42 weeks and weighed over 9lb, if I remember correctly).

He. I have to get used to saying that. I’ve been so used to saying ‘it’ that there’s that adjustment period.

Now the fun of buying little jeans, overalls, t-shirts, rompers and shirts begins. And we couldn’t be happier. :)


  1. I wish you could see the grin on my face :D

    I'm so happy that you got to find out what you're having...I'm sure you have seen that boys while energetic also tend to be more snuggly with mommy :)

    We picked out the names very early in the pregnancy...of course we've been talking about names for so many years we didn't think we'd ever agree but somehow those two just stuck and I don't think anything else would fit at this point. Of course like you, the boy list was super short and we only agreed on this one. It's not overly unique or anything (well it is here in Quebec, but not in the rest of English speaking countries)...I'm only telling you this in case you happen to choose the same name when you announce it...wouldn't want you to think I'm copying you :P

  2. any chance you are willing to share the girl name you had in mind? Or is that going to be saved in case of another little one being a girl?

  3. sorry for a third message haha

    forgot to type that he has a beautiful face and those lips! The girls are going to go crazy ;)

  4. I want to keep the baby's name a surprise to be announced at his birth (because we know the gender, there would be nothing to really announce otherwise then!). However, hubby and I aren't all that close to deciding on a name as yet - we were near-certain there was a girl growing inside me!! *blocks baby's ears so he can't hear that comment :P*

    I'll be keeping our girl's name a secret too (because we'll probably use it next time around if we have a girl). It is unique, yet easy to spell and pronounce - always a bonus! I like uncommon yet still fairly 'classic' names. :)

    Next time around (presuming we're lucky enough to be lucky to be pregnant again) I think I don't want to find out the gender until the baby's birth!

  5. lol I understand!
    We told our families the names we picked but we may keep the sex a secret until the end...of course knowing them, they'll get it out of me somehow!

  6. It's so easy to slip out with names, I wanted to talk to my Mum about them too. :)