November 21, 2010

19 Weeks x 2

My mind is a-swirl with things to come in the months ahead - planning this baby's room, putting away old furniture, building up our cloth nappy (diaper) stash. Hubby and I went to Mothercare yesterday and left without actually buying anything (!!). Actually, what was supposed to be a quick look at cots (which we'll be purchasing and setting up after Christmas) turned into ooh-ing and ahh-ing over soft blankets and co-ordinating nursery bedding, analysing prams and carseats, and envisioning the little one in little jeans, t-shirts or dresses. It was the first time either of us had looked at things specifically for baby together, so that was a milestone within itself.

We've decided to forgo the traditional pink or blue-toned rooms and are looking at light wood and shades of yellow, green and white (even though we hope to know whether the baby is a boy or a girl). We found the perfect nursery set which brings together all of these colours, and has cute baby insects with happy smiling faces. This will be perfect (in fact I had to restrain myself not to buy it right there and then - I know we have many eager family and friends who are itching to buy us gifts for baby; it'll be nice to be able to point them in a certain direction now!).

(this is what the quilt looks like...isn't it cute?)

After a few goes, both hubby and I have been improving with using the doppler. Baby's heartbeat tends to measure between 135-145bpm (which the old wives tales say could point to a boy ;P), nice and strong. This has definitely put my mind at ease after the fall I had a couple of weeks ago (my knees with their new pink skin still tell the tale!).

Two days until I'm 20 weeks (!!) and 4 days until the big ultrasound. It's set to be an exciting week. :)

Bump at 19 weeks.


  1. What a cute belly. I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl!

  2. totally adorable top and of course the bump inside it is even more adorable :)

    I just can't wait to find out what you're must be climbing the walls with anticipation!

    In response to your comment on my blog, yes I'm definitely enjoying the boobies...and so is hubby haha

  3. Jenny, I found this top in my wardrobe from a couple of years ago - it's stretched pretty far but still super cute at this point in time before I get too big for it!

    Absolutely, I'm trying to keep my thoughts of must-find-out-who-the-baby-is-now within (in case we don't get to find out on Thursday, I don't want to be too disappointed).

    LOL, my hubby appreciates mine too, but I think after going through the whole first trimester with me saying "don't touch them, they hurt!" he may be a little put off now. Oops. :P

  4. haha...touchwood so far mine don't hurt.