March 8, 2011

34 Weeks

Our last (or so I hope!) growth scan happened during the week and, after letting my doctor's comments about small fundal heights and fluid levels get to me a little, everything appeared to be 'normal'. Sure, I haven't had my follow-up appointment with the doctor as yet, but the fact I didn't get a phonecall within a couple of days of the scan is a good thing *big thumbs up*.

At 34w1d, baby boy (who was again confirmed to be a boy!) weighs in at 4lb8oz (about 2.5kg) and is measuring within a week of his dates - just with very long legs as per usual. I know that ultrasound weights can vary by quite a bit and aren't completely accurate, but it's nice to have that indicator that my body is growing a healthy baby, one that is measuring along the growth curve documented at 20 and 28 weeks via ultrasound. Even if my body needed a hand to have egg and sperm meet in the first place, it's reassuring that it's been possible to have a so-called normal pregnancy (one that doesn't differ from anyone else's, besides a couple of extra scans).

Here's his latest mugshot (though difficult to make out facial details because of bone causing shadows and the fact he's squished down low in my pelvis already) -

34 weeks (click image to see bigger; tilt your head to the right to see his face)

I've now started my maternity leave, which is both exciting and odd at the same time. Only a week into leave and I can feel my responsibilities with the Kindergarten beginning to melt away (although it's been a slow separationl; I haven't been employed in a teaching capacity since January and have been in the office). Part of me worries if the place can survive without me, part of me knows that it can and will - and that before long I'll be a distant memory there too. As I said, it's a little odd. We're lucky here in Australia to have access to up to 18mths leave by being employed by the Education Department - I've applied for the full amount but it's entirely possible that I'll do a little emergency (relief) teaching come 2012 before making the decision on whether to return to my workplace in September.
Pictures from my last day at work before starting maternity leave.

It was also my birthday yesterday (I turned 29). My parents came to visit - Mum in the morning and Dad in the afternoon - and I took myself out for a solo lunch (I'd been craving a big ol' iced chocolate with plenty of cream; it was as tasty as I'd been imagining!). The most special part of the celebrations was Matt's card to me, where he signed it from him and the baby... and wrote down the baby's name.

I'm beyond thrilled that our little man now has a name (presuming we think it still 'fits' him one he's here in this world), and even happier that Matt was able to play a big part in its choosing. Last night I dreamt of our son with his chosen name... and it just felt right. I'm relieved and thankful. :)

34 week tummy, baby's weight is getting heavier in my uterus and I've had some ligament pain again as his sac continues to grow.


  1. so glad to hear from you...I was going through withdrawal lol

    First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I turned 29 in September...last year of the 20s ;)

    congrats on picking a name...I hope it fits when you see him face to face...

    I'm anxious to start maternity leave too...I'm thinking of going early....maybe in early April instead of the end of May. I'm lucky though because I've only been working one day per week since January...I collect unemployment the rest of the week. I was also on a preventative withdrawal for 10 weeks at the start of my pregnancy.. This may cause some complications with my leave but I've spoke to the teacher's union and they seem to think it's all going to be fine. I get 50 weeks off but since it ends toward the end of the school year I may just extend it without pay for the last few weeks before summer break...that would make baby nearly 15 months by the time I return to work...

  2. I hope the name we've chosen fits him too - and if not, well we'll get to that when the time comes. ;)

    How's your name progress going?

    I'm potentially thinking about doing similar with leave from work as well - our school year goes from January-December (the end of the school year is just before Christmas). My leave ends in September, so it would be a shame for the chidlren and families to have had another teacher for 75% of their year, and then I come back and take over again. So if all is going okay with finances, it'd make sense to take a Term of unpaid leave here too. I know whered you're coming from with your thinking. :)

  3. yup it's all about trying to keep up the continuity in the classroom as long as possible :)

    Oh we chose her name looooong ago...we've talked about names for years (even years before ttc) and we thought we'd never agree on anything. Then somehow one day we just clicked on a boy's name and a girl's name. We have been calling her by her name now since the 20 week anatomy scan :)
    Do you have a middle name?

  4. Awww, that's a lovely story! :)

    Yes, our baby will have two middle names, just like my brother does (one for each side of hubby and I's families). It all flows really nicely - or so I think anyway! ;)

  5. my little bro has two middle names as well! Can't wait to hear your little man's name...and to share mine :)

  6. Not too long for either of us! ;)