March 14, 2011

35 Weeks

I find it difficult to believe that tomorrow I'll be nine months pregnant with our son. The little boy who I always hoped would come into our lives but I dared not pin my hopes on. The countdown to his birth is on - while I find myself complaining about Braxton Hicks contractions and added pressure on my bladder, at the same time I don't really want to wish these weeks away.

Will he be born around his due date (April 12th)? Early? Overdue? Who knows!

Perhaps the events of this past week will shed some light on the time ahead (or not!). I hadn't realised it until the doctor mentioned on Thursday that the baby has dropped - he's also "very low" apparently and is engaged in my pelvis. Though to what degree I'm not sure yet, I'll ask him at the next appointment. Either way, with this knowledge and the increasing (mild) cramping I've been having lately, they're all positive signs that my body is starting to suss out the birthing process. And for that, I'm thankful. :)

Tummy comparision to show you what I mean:

33 weeks & 3 days 

35 weeks & 6 days

Some definite changes are happening. :)

In other news, results from the most recent ultrasound show a range of measurements from 31 weeks through to 36 weeks - while this worried me a little at first, talking with other women made me realise that baby measurements can be all over the place and still be okay. Sure, currently it looks like our baby might be born on the smaller side (and I don't deny that I'm carrying him compactly), but if he is a healthy size for him... then that's what matters. Besides, ultrasound weights etc can be off by up to a pound (bigger/smaller).

It has made packing his hospital bag a little more tricky - do I put in 0000-sized clothing or 000-sized? I mainly put in 0000s, but if he is born bigger, it isn't as though hubby can't bring some bigger sizes back with him from home the next day (we live about 10-15min away from the hospital). Still, it's good to know that the bag is packed and ready to go... even if it sits there mocking me until around the 41-week mark! :P

Oh! And baby nook update:

The Mario decals are up and look fantastic!


    The bump looks fantastic. And I don't blame you for worrying about the measurements but from what I hear it just gets harder and harder to measure things correctly as time goes on. He's all balled up in there and head down which means they have trouble getting angles right.

    yeah I only recently read something about the rib cage expanding...I can't believe I've gone up two sizes around...if you already have nursing bras you should buy some bra extenders...

    The nook looks great! I keep sitting in ours trying not to cry :P

    I actually started packing my hospital bag too...early I know but I'm one of those people. I know what you mean about what size to bring. I guess if it's too big it's not a big deal. I plan on bringing stuff labeled for 0-3 months.

  2. Too true! I take measurements on Tuesdays (my 'week' increment dates) and it's all been terribly inconsistent since about week 28-29 or so! The only thing consistently growing has been my chest, LOL! :P

    *nods to two back sizes* Yep, the exact same thing has happened to me, up from a 32A to a(n almost) 36C (or 10A-14C in Australian sizing). Does the ribcage continue to expand or go more back to normal post-pregnancy? I have no idea... and may have to consult Dr Google on that one.

    I'll admit that it was fun packing cute little suits, blankets and singlets for the baby's hospital bag . He's going to be one cute little boy, although I'm completely and utterly biased. ;)

  3. good question...I hope it returns to normal even though hubby is loving the new look lol
    I used to work in a lingerie store and I know that a number change doesn't necessarily equal a major change in the number of inches around the rib cage. I assume as the breasts get smaller when you stop nursing the number will go down as well.

  4. Snap on the bra sizes! I was a 32A before Lydia's pregnancy, and and a 36C by then end. In the early days of breastfeeding I was a 36D (and DD when my milk came in - luckily I had a 'multisize sleep-nursing-bra that I could wear)... but my back measurement dropped pretty quickly in the weeks after she was born. Now I've been breastfeeding over a year, I think I'm down to a 32B. Oh, the fun or bras...!