March 30, 2011

A Dream

I had one of my first 'baby' dreams last night.

That might strike some of you as odd, but throughout this pregnancy I haven't had many - in fact, in most of my dreams I'm not even pregnant! Unconsciously I feel some of this is linked to the struggles we had to get pregnant in the first place, and not wanting to pin all my hopes on an optimistic outcome. However, this has seemed to progress throughout the last few months, or at least in my dreams.

Occasionally I have flashes of who I think this little boy will be, but last night it was very vivid. I dreamt of him as a newborn, and again a little bit older (around age 1?). He had dark, straight hair like my husband, a pronounced little chin and very dark brown eyes. There were first gummy smiles, nappy blow-outs and an incident of him vomiting in a pair of my shoes (?). Cutting to when he was that little bit older, he resembled my brother more, with fairer hair and a higher forehead. I remember exclaiming that I wasn't involved in the conception of this child, as he looked like everyone else but me!

It will be exciting to finally meet this little soul, stroking his cheek and saying his name aloud. Not too long now. :)

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait to hear that name and find out who he looks like! I do find that in many cases boys look more like their mommy though (and vice versa...I expect my daughter to look like DH even though at the 3D scan ppl said she looks like me)

    It's funny cause I find it so odd that in my dreams I'm always pregnant now! Like you, I haven't had many vivid baby dreams though; I dream mostly about random things but I'm always pregnant. In my dreams I do things that I would never actually do whilst pregnant if it's just something I've always been and always will weird! I love dreams!